Photo by Kelsey Middleton. Nevada baseball stands at 10-8 overall in the season.

Nevada baseball took a break from conference play, faced the University of San Francisco, came out with 22 hits and reached a final score of 20-2.

This is the sixth game so far this season that Nevada won with a double-digit score.

Alejandro Murillo pitched for Nevada and did not let USF score any runs for his six innings on the mound. Boon Fay came in to pitch after Murillo, and two runs were scored in the eighth inning. Tyler Cochran pitched the last inning for Nevada and had a quick three outs. On the other hand, Nevada started scoring in the third inning.

Jacob Stinson took first after being hit by a pitch, and Pat Caulfield bunted for a single. A wild pitch led both runners to advance a base. Joshua Zamora was up next and hit a fly out to left field. Stinson scored the first run off Zamora’s hit. Jaxon Woodhouse hit an RBI single to center for a second Nevada run. The Dons made a pitching change, and Matt Clayton hit a home run on a 1-1 count, bringing two runs in. The Wolf Pack took a 4-0 lead. 

The men put up five more runs in the fourth inning. The Dons made a pitching change early in the inning before any runs were scored. The first two runs came in off of an RBI single by Zamora. Clayton was hit by a pitch, and Tyler Bosetti had an RBI double that got one runner to home plate. Right after, Lance Wallace hit an RBI single to the left side and two runs were scored. Nevada now led 9-0.

Murillo had a fast three outs. The first was a fly out, the second was a strikeout and the third was another fly out.

Three more runs were scored in the fifth inning after a third pitching change was made by San Francisco. With two runners on base, Bosetti hit a triple and the two runners touched home. Bosetti was able to score on a wild pitch to make the score 12-0.

In the sixth and seventh inning, Nevada scored twice in each. Caulfield hit an RBI single to center field and two runners scored. USF made a fourth pitching change at the beginning of the seventh. One run was scored when bases were loaded, and the pitcher walked Ryan Jackson. Then, a fly ball to left center was caught and the runner had time to get to home. Nevada led 16-0.

Fay went in for Murillo in the seventh inning, only allowed one hit and had three strikeouts. 

Again, USF made another pitching change that did not do them well. The Pack was able to put up another two runs in the eighth. While USF changed pitchers, Nevada decided to change up the batting line up and put four pinch hitters in: Michael Ball for Zamora, Dawson Martin for Clayton, Cameron Jowaiszas for Bosetti, JR Freethy for Wallace. Ball grounded out, Martin and Jowaiszas hit singles and Freethy grounded out to the pitcher. Freethy’s groundout was an RBI that led one run in. Woodhouse had another RBI single in the game, this time to left center field. The score now 18-0, Nevada had the lead.

Finally, USF was able to score in the eighth inning. Ball, Martin and Jowaiszas also took spots on the field after pinch hitting. The two runs USF scored was from Tyler Martinez hitting a single and then Zach Griffin hitting a home run to bring him in. USF was still very far behind at 18-2.

The last inning was no resting point for the Wolf Pack. Another two runs were brought in for a final score of 20-2. Anthony Flores started out with a single, and Stinson did the same. Caulfield followed in their shoes and also hit a single, this one bringing Flores to home plate. Ball reached on an error by the pitcher and made bases loaded. Woodhouse struck out and then Martin was hit by a pitch to bring in the final run. 

Cochran went in to pitch for Fay in the last inning for Nevada. He had two strikeouts, and the last batter grounded out to shortstop. 

Nevada baseball is now 10-8 overall. They have five more games before their next conference game. 

Three games are against Missouri State, March 25 to 27, and two are at home against Oregon State. Missouri holds the same 10-8 standing as Nevada, but they have yet to play a conference game. Oregon State is 15-4 overall and 4-2 in conference compared to Nevada’s 5-3.

The home games will be played at the Greater Nevada Field on March 29 and 30. 


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