Photo by Rachel Jackson. Jessica Sellers had a total of five at bats and had one hit and one RBI.

In a double header against Saint Mary’s, Nevada softball won the first game 6-2 and lost the second 0-3.

Nevada got their first run in the first inning. With bases loaded from a single, a walk and a batter hit by a pitch, Sam Oliver had an RBI ground out to shortstop and ran one run in. The women made two more runs in the second inning. The bases were loaded again, and Lauren Gutierrez and Jessica Sellers were hit by pitches to advance two runs in. Nevada led 3-0.

It wasn’t until the sixth inning when Saint Mary’s got their first run off of a single to center field. The hit was an RBI, which put the opponent on the scoreboard. Nevada still led 3-1. 

The Wolf Pack doubled their score in the sixth inning and made the score 6-1. Two runners were on base and a single up the middle by Tatum Maytorena led one to home plate. Two runs were scored after Gutierrez doubled to left center. 

In the last inning, Saint Mary’s gained a second and final run. Ellen Ebbers hit a solo home run to right field. The final score was 6-2, and Nevada won. 

The day wasn’t over yet. Nevada played a second game and lost 0-3. 

There wasn’t much action in the first four innings of the game. The teams traded off strikeouts, fly balls and groundouts. Saint Mary’s had one hit in the first, third and fourth. Nevada did not have any hits in the first four innings and left one runner on base in the fourth. 

The fifth inning came around, and Saint Mary’s went on a hitting spree. They had a total of four hits and left two runners on base. The lead off batter hit a single and a pinch runner came to take her place. A ground out led Vessel to advance to second base and score after another single. Two more singles were hit and one more run came in for Saint Mary’s. They took the lead 2-0. 

Nevada got their first hit in the sixth inning. Bradianne Glover hit a single and the next two batters reached on fielder’s choice. Unfortunately, no runs were scored off of these plays. 

Saint Mary’s added one more run to the scoreboard in the seventh inning. A throwing error by Nevada led a runner on second base the passage to score. The final ended up 3-0, Saint Mary’s. 

Nevada softball is now 9-20 overall. 

They will begin conference play on March 25 to 27 at home against Boise State.


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