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Nevada men’s golf competed in The Goodwin and placed second out of 28 teams, and Peyton Callens won the championships. The men were just three points behind Washington in first place.

The Wolf Pack ended up 19 under par, and Washington was 22 under par. Although they didn’t get first place, they beat the five other Division 1 ranked teams in the tournament. Nevada is ranked forty-seventh and they placed higher than Stanford (14th), Oregon (36th), Georgia Tech (11th), Little Rock (50th) and Northwestern (42nd). Washington, ranked at ninth place, came in first place in The Goodwin.

Callens stole the show for Nevada, placing first out of 147 golfers. Callens had a strong first and third round of play. He was -5 to par, which was 70, and had a second round score of -3. Callens had a total of 14 birdies, three bogeys and one eagle. With all three rounds combined, he had a total of 197, -13 to par. Callens was also named Mountain West Golfer of the Week because of his stellar performance.

Next up was Quim Vidal Mora who tied for fifteenth with eight other athletes. With a total of 205, -5 to par, Vidal Mora stayed under par for two rounds. He only went over in the first round, with two double bogeys, a single bogey and four birdies. In the second and third rounds, Vidal Mora hit a 67, -3 to par. He had to make up for a couple of bad shots throughout the second round. He hit a double bogey and two bogeys but made up for it with seven birdies. 

AJ Lintunen tied for twenty-third with a total of 206, -4 to par. He shot an even, over and under in his three rounds. His first round was his best. Lintunen hit under five with six birdies and one bogey. In the second round, he hit over one due to three bogeys and only two birdies. Lintunen hit even in the final round. Similar to Vidal Mora, Lintunen had a lot of making up to do. Lintunen had a double bogey, three bogeys and five birdies. 

Trey Davis tied seventy-fourth place with a total of 214, +4 to par. He started and ended hitting +2 and hit even in the second round. The first nine holes of the round kept Davis at only two over par. He had four birdies to make up for the two double bogeys and two bogeys. On his even round, he got an eagle, a birdie and three bogeys. Davis’s final round consisted of five bogeys and three birdies. 

Tom Patterson tied at one hundred and thirty-first place with seven other golfers. He had a total of 228, +18 to par. The first round looked bright for Patterson. He hit only one over par and had an eagle on the first hole. He struggled most in the next round. Patterson had six bogeys, a double bogey and a triple bogey for a total of 81, +11 to par. He improved in the final round, ending six above par. He hit a double bogey, five bogeys and only one birdie. 

Looking at team scores, Nevada shot a 272 for round one, 275 for round two and 274 in the final round. The men were in fifth place after round one and tied for second in round two. Nevada accumulated a total of 821 points, -19 to par, and finished second. 

Coming up, the men will be in Chandler, Ariz. for the Cowboy Classic on April 4 and 5. 


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