The Associated Students of the University of Nevada special election candidates have been announced. Currently, there are 38 candidates running—a massive increase since the general elections where all candidates ran unopposed.

ASUN is holding special elections due to not meeting two-thirds of the senate body during the general elections.

Elections are being held from April 20 at 8 a.m. to April 21 at 5 p.m.

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to the candidates and acquired a written statement from each about their campaign and plans if elected.

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

Conor Clancy

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Conor Clancy multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Lily Larsen

Photo Courtesy of Lily Larsen

“Lily Larsen is currently pursuing her degree in environmental science with a minor in English literature. She is passionate that every student should have the opportunity to make a difference in the campus community and wants to be able to provide a voice for the students within CABNR by serving as their ASUN Senator.

As the ASUN Senator for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources, she would seek to pursue the extension of sustainability initiatives on campus. She would like to put into place a wider array of initiatives to make UNR a more eco-friendly university. Lily feels strongly that every student deserves to feel seen and listened to and will pursue programs and initiatives to make this a reality. She believes that a diverse and compassionate university community is key to the growth and success of all students.

If elected, her goals as Senator are as follows:

-Create more sustainability initiatives on campus as well as bolstering the existing initiatives in place

-Foster initiatives on campus that celebrate diversity within the UNR student body

-Maintain transparency and an open line of communication about what it is that students can expect to see from their government”

Monica Carey

“My name is Monica Carey and I am a second-year student majoring in Biotechnology who hopes to represent the students of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources (CABNR) as senator. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan on continuing my education and taking part in the BS/MS Accelerated Program to obtain a Professional MS degree in Biotechnology. My work with UNR began before I entered college, where I took part in the Community of Bilingual English-Spanish Speakers (CBESS). Within this community, I was fortunate enough to take part in several programs such as career exploration events, a summer research program, near-peer mentoring, and an outreach internship. My experience in these programs taught me to prioritize communication, take initiative, and work diligently in high pressure situations. As a first-generation college student, experiencing the process of higher education has been a new opportunity for me. As the daughter of immigrants, I never expected that I would get the chance to study and research the concepts that I am passionate about. I understand the struggles that first-generation students face, such as confusion on how to navigate resources available to them, anxiety about academic achievement, social inclusion, and guilt over leaving their families and financial responsibilities. If I were to be elected, I hope to help ease the transition from high school to undergraduate, as well as the transition from undergraduate to graduate, specifically for first-generation students. I also hope to implement career exploration events specific for the students of CABNR to help incoming students obtain a better understanding about what major/career they would like to pursue. I wish to create an environment that inspires students to grow academically and personally.”

Elizabeth Siewert

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Elizabeth Siewert multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Rigon Hanna

“I’m running for senate because I want to help the students of CABNR let their voice be heard. One of my goals as a senator is to advocate for mental health days. I feel like mental health is important and if students need to take a breather they should be allowed to. Lastly I want the students to know that I’m always available and they can reach out to me anytime. Thank you.”

Matthew Swackhamer

“My name is Matthew Swckhamer and I am a CABNR senatorial candidate. Coming off a season ending ACL injury with the UNR lacrosse team, I directed my attention towards advocacy of the student trying to maintain the proper work/life balance while advancing in their academics. I am running for  One of my goals is to diversify the job opportunities that come in for STEM Career Fair day. I believe that there are more positions out there for us STEM students and I want the opportunities that this University provides us to reflect that. Furthermore, I have experienced first hand the lack of ASUN resources given to UNR club sports. My aim as senator is to sit on the Committee of Budget and Finance to optimize the allocation of ASUN funds. I believe that our support is the least we can do for our amazing sports teams that go out of their way to represent UNR in a positive way. #SwackhamerforSenate.”

Ryleigh McCulley

Photo courtesy of Ryleigh McCullwy

“Hello! My name is Ryleigh and I am running for a CABNR senate seat. I am a sophomore with a major in Veterinary Science and hope to become a mixed animal veterinarian and specialize in oncology. I was born and raised in Reno and my love for UNR and the greater Reno area is greater than words can describe. My campaign is centered around compassion, character, and collaboration. Compassion, if I am elected senator, would mainly be centered around my goal to meet with CABNR college members and go over the best way we can discuss and prioritize our mental health, as individuals, and as a group. Character represents the pride I have in attending UNR and the sense of pride I want to build around CABNR members by recognizing their accomplishments and bringing publicity to the diversity of our college. Collaboration encompases my desire to be an approachable “middle man” between CABNR students and ASUN. I also hope to bring more recognition to CABNR women in STEM, and to fight for them in terms of ASUN legislation.

When I am not in school I enjoy DJ-ing for Wolf Pack Radio, volunteering in the community and working at a local vet clinic. If you ever want to discuss metal music, drag race, or dog breeds I am definitely your girl! Go Pack!!”

College of Business

Omar Casildo

“I am running for senate because I want to be more involved in school and I also want to see how our very own government works so that I can see what I can do to make the college experience for everyone better. I personally have not really thought about how much our government affects our day to day lives at the university and running for senate would give me the opportunity to not only learn how the decisions of our government affect everyone, but if elected it will give me the best opportunity to educate not only myself but everyone at the university on the workings of the government and how they will affect our day to day lives here at UNR. If elected I want to increase student engagement in all activities across the university from clubs to sports events in order to strengthen the community at the university. I want to create opportunities for people at the university to learn more about their finances and to increase their financial literacy since I believe that finances are a very important aspect of everyone’s life and becoming comfortable with one’s finances will be beneficial for their lives. I hope to hear from students at the university about things they believe could be improved upon at the university.”

Clayton Greb

“I am running on the platform of combining the perfect mix of academics and having fun. Since coming to the university this fall, I have fallen in love with college life. This university has so much to offer and I would like to show students how they can take advantage of it. So my next step is to try and serve y’all. The College of Business is a very unique college that has grown to become a part of all of us who are in it. Not only does it offer amazing academic classes but it also offers amazing social opportunities. As your senator, I would be focused on creating memorable experiences while you are at our university. “

Samuel McCoy

“The reason I decided to run for Senate was to give back to the University that has given me the opportunity to advance my education.


  1. Create further involvement and engagement between the students and the University through more events and outreach.
  2. Foster a better relationship between the University and the Independent Interfraternity Council.
  3. Build relationships with local businesses to provide jobs/internships for students to better prepare them for after college.
  4. Use our student population to help maintain/improve our local community.

Alex Khorshidi

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Alex Khorshidi multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Brayden Fiorillo

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Brayden Fiorillo multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Zachary Hyzak

“My name is Zach Hyzak and I am currently running for senator for the college of business. Despite having no prior student government experience, I decided to run so that I could be more involved with the school and help to improve it at the same time. My goals are to Improve the academic culture in the college of business. I also plan to help students get a head start on their future careers. And lastly, I hope to improve relations between the University and Greek life here at UNR, especially for fraternities. “

Ryan Mcneal

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Ryan Mcneal multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Jack Taglang

Photo courtesy of Jack Taglang

“The reason I’m running for College of Business Senator is because I want to become more active in the school’s business community and represent my fellow students as well as Greek life because I’m an avid supporter of fraternity and sorority life. I want to help students find networking opportunities through the school and offer socials so students can become more engaged in their school community. As well I want to increase internship and career options for students so that they can choose their pathway and learn about their possibilities outside of college. Finally I think there should be workshops to provide students tips and guidance so they can be successful in the workplace and a professional environment.”

Katherine “Kayla” Thomas

“Hey Wolf Pack! My name is Kayla Thomas. I’m a third-year, first-generation college student in the College of Business at UNR. I’m majoring in Business Management with minors in Human Resources Management and Business Analytics. While being a full-time student for the past three years, I’ve also held two part-time jobs for an accounting firm and financial newsletter here in Reno. When not at school or work, I love hanging out with family and friends, watching sports, thrifting, and listening to music.

My involvement on campus has included being part of the first-generation college support program called First in the Pack. For my senior year of college, one of my personal goals is to be more involved in organizations and activities on campus. When I saw ASUN was holding Special Elections for open senate seats, I knew I had to apply!

Photo courtesy of Kayla Thomas

If elected as one of your College of Business Senators, some of my main goals include:


  • Creating more communication outlets for students to convey their questions, comments, and concerns to their college senators and other ASUN Representatives.
  • Advocating for more opportunities for underrepresented students through career fairs, clubs and organizations, and scholarships and grants.
  • Working with senators on policies that support more student funding initiatives and systemic change.
  • Communicating with students and faculty on ways to create more networking opportunities through internships (both on and off-campus) and community service.”

College of Education

Luis Galvez

Photo courtesy of Luis Galvez


“Hello! My name is Luis Galvez and I’m a current first-year at the university. I am a double major in Secondary Education and History and will soon be joining the PackTeach history program. In my free time, I love engaging with the performing arts. I take dance classes and music classes at the university, but I have the strongest passion for theatre and was in UNR’s latest production, Working: The Musical!

I’m running for senate because I want to give students a voice by acting as a liaison between them and UNR’s staff, faculty, and administration. When I got word that there was an open seat for the College of Education and Human Development, I saw it as an opportunity to gain knowledge as to what problems are facing students, but also a chance to create substantial change to solve these problems.

After graduating, my goal is to become a history and theatre teacher right here in Reno!”

College of Engineering

Amelia Bryan

Photo courtesy of Amelia Bryan

“Watching the College of Engineering grow and change around me in the last two years has inspired me to be part of that change. As a student, I want to help foster a stronger, equity-based community within the College to assure that every student feels heard and represented. For all students, but especially my underrepresented and first-generation peers, I believe that it is imperative to their success that they are properly introduced to the resources on campus. The Student Health Center, student resource offices, Equal Opportunity & Title IX office, and other resources like these are underused by students. Given a formal introduction and education on which resources are available, students are more likely to reach out for help.

Community building is essential for a healthy college campus. While the College of Engineering does an excellent job offering students resources and setting them up for success, there is still a disconnect between students and staff. Through further initiative, I hope to bridge the gap and create an environment where students and staff feel understood and recognized by each other. There is nothing more vital to a strong community than to feel recognized and appreciated by your neighbors.

Together, as one College, we can accomplish anything.”

Robert Smith

“Hello, my name is Robert Smith and I’m running to fill the remaining College of Engineering Senate seat.  I am a second-year Computer Science and Engineering major and Honors College student who has been interested in pursuing a career in software engineering since before eighth grade. Since entering college, I have strived to get involved as much as possible not only in CSE-related activities but in other interests as well. I currently serve as the director of programming for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) as well as the treasurer for the UNR Film Club. Additionally, I was an ASUN Legislative Affairs intern for most of my freshman year. It was during that internship that I learned to research and analyze key local legislation and write policy briefs, host events, and make use of ASUN resources responsibly to benefit students. Being a Senator would be a new and perhaps challenging feat for me, but working to ensure that students’ voices are heard loud and clear would not be. With that being said, I am not simply running out of a plain desire to return to ASUN, rather I have goals that I would like to see become reality based on what I have observed as a student here.

Photo courtesy of Robert Smith

Firstly, I’m aiming to expand upon the career and professional development opportunities offered to engineering students. One complaint CSE students, in particular, have regarding the engineering career fairs as of late is that there haven’t been many employers offering employment opportunities to CSE students despite the ever-growing market for software developers/engineers, data scientists, video-game developers, etc. This is a problem because what it says to people not going into what I call a “traditional” engineering field (e.g. Mechanical Engineering) is that there is less demand for them. This is far from the truth and therefore it is important that our college provide career and networking opportunities as diverse as our engineering community itself. Further, I know that something that has been on most students’ minds since our return to campus is the rising costs of attendance. It is my goal to limit the increases in tuition and on-campus living as possible because I know that this is not an unreasonable feat to achieve. Lastly, I would like to generally contribute to making UNR a more inclusive, safe, and engaging campus for students through legislation that creates programs and funds any issues that may arise around campus. Especially in engineering, diversity efforts are key to bringing more engineers from a wider variety of backgrounds into the job market and thus encouraging equally diverse and innovative ideas throughout.”

College of Liberal Arts

Raymond Wu

Photo courtesy of Raymond Wu

“Hello! I am a second year student with a political science major and running to be one of your student representatives for the College of Liberal Arts. I am a first generation student trying to find what I want to do and who I want to be, but helping people will definitely be the foundation of whatever I choose to do. I founded a mental health committee within the Honors College when I noticed a rising mental health crisis on campus and wanted to help fellow students in any way I can. As a senator I would want to continue this work to provide more for students who are struggling with more awareness tabling events to give students information in identifying such problems and how to help themselves and each other. I would work with the counseling services so that we can better provide their resources to students as well.

On the cultural appreciation side, I want to help fellow minority students to help them express their pride in their own backgrounds and upbringings. I personally struggled with finding appreciation in my cultural background and felt that expressing such pride wasn’t possible. That is why I want more events for all cultures so others can learn about what makes each of our students special, and also focus on legislation to push for more equity for the more disadvantaged communities”

Kimberly “Kimmy” Clausen

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Claussen

“My name is Kimmy Claussen, and I am running for ASUN Senate representing the College of Liberal Arts. While there are a myriad of reasons I decided to run in this special election, the biggest is that I care about students receiving proper and meaningful representation through their ASUN Senators. My platform is all about creating a more enriching academic and social experience at the University of Nevada, Reno. By creating and maintaining pathways of inclusivity and accessibility for all students, I am passionate about UNR being a welcoming and inviting place where students can thrive and succeed.

If elected, I plan to create and pass legislation that supports and promotes student mental health awareness and accessibility to mental healthcare resources. I also plan to support the implementation of more recycling and sustainability practices on our campus. I plan to make campus resources and organizations more visible and accessible to students. I also intend to push for more culturally and academically enriching events for all students to attend and enjoy. Most of all, if elected, I plan to genuinely and sincerely listen to student requests and concerns and use them as a guide for what I get done during my ASUN Senate term.”

Holly Laureana Kuhl

Photo courtesy of Holly L. Kuhl

“I am in the first year of my second Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Anthropology. My first undergraduate degree, also from UNR, was in Journalism. I wanted to run because I felt like I could do more for the University that allowed me to pursue this opportunity. I am a first-generation college student so to me education is a gift, it’s what my parents worked to provide for me and it’s why my Grandmother came to the United States.

There are a lot of changes happening at UNR, some are good and some I don’t personally agree with, but if I can be an advocate or a voice for our students at the College of Liberal Arts then I can say we made an impact on bettering our university not only for current students but future students as well.  I am someone who is ambitious and very excited for things to return in person, as we are slowly watching events return after the pandemic.  I hope we can increase the events ASUN holds on campus as well as make sure to celebrate the diversity of our student body. I would love to grow the relationship between the university and local schools. I wasn’t aware in high school of all the resources offered in college and I hope to, if elected, create a way to communicate to local students how a college education is attainable. I also think we need to consider the rights of our student workers. The US Department of Education found that 43% of full-time students have to work as well as go to school. If we can find a way to support our working students and gather their opinions on what works for them, it would show a great strength of community at our University.”

Gab Espiritu

“I am running for Senate because of my deep frustration of feeling unseen and unheard in the massive student population of our university. I’m certain I am not alone in this when I say that it’s too easy to feel disempowered when you just know you don’t have a say in how things are ran in our school. Or sometimes, I find myself really inspired by an idea or so convinced that a particular solution is going to help a lot of people, but having to deflate my own enthusiasm for not having a platform to implement those ideas. At some point, I got exhausted holding my breath—waiting for some type of accountability to bring my voice (hence, my power) back.

I wanted to take my Senatorial campaign as an opportunity to champion the collective dissatisfaction of my fellow students and genuinely hear out their ideas on how to improve this current condition. I plan to lead by example, be an advocate of their immediate concerns and keep our school legislative system accountable to the pain-points that interfere with student success. Belonging to a minority group myself, I intend to be a representative of our university’s diversity and be a living proof that serving our student-body is a job that does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disability.

Hailing from the College of Liberal Arts, I understand firsthand how artists and creatives alike can get so engrossed in their craft that they forget to tend to the logistical, pragmmatic side of life. For people who make careers out of spending substantial time getting lost in their imagination, it is paramount to protect the mind and its wellbeing. That’s why, if elected, I aim to provide a legislative safety net that serves as mental health support for all.

To sum up, my goals as the ASUN College of Liberal Arts Senate representative are:

  1. To implement mental health days
    • to ensure increased overall student success and protect their greatest asset: the mind
  2. To establish a direct line of communication
    • between students and their Senate representative
    • to bring the power back to the students; for Senators to receive fresh, new ideas effortlessly
  3. To restructure campus parking rules
    • to deter people from panic-parking, we can loosen up the 15-minute classroom tardiness rules and open up the window up to 30 minutes
    • also start distributing “warning tickets” (instead of fees-based ones) for 1st time offenders; much lower payment amount for parking citation
  4. To allocate equipment (i.e. laptop, iPad, macbook, etc.) funding for current and incoming students
    • then license curriculum-recommended apps (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign for graphic design majors) to the equipment to lessen the financial burden on the student
  5. To introduce (optional) Finance 101 classes and reward students with stock shares after completion
    • will include topics on basic budgeting, saving, credits, taxes, 401K, stocks, crypto, NFTs, etc.
    • to teach our student-body financial savvy

To get one of my goals closer to reality, I’ve made it a point to include my contact number and social handles in my flyers and posters distributed across the school. Despite initial hesitation to do so, I’ve opened up my channels of communication so folks can just casually text me or (as they used to say) slide into my DMs. I only ask not to be horribly spammed or trolled in my own inbox.”

Sage Wilcox

Photo courtesy of Sage Wilcox

“Hi! I’m Sage Wilcox, and I’m running for the open senate seat in the College of Liberal Arts! I decided to run because I believe UNR can be a more sustainable campus. I want to work towards UNR dining services and dorm buildings having a composting system, and access to compostable single use utensils.

I am a first year student majoring in philosophy, with the hopes of becoming an environmental lawyer. I love UNR because of the incredible student body, and the amazing opportunities going here opens up. I enjoy skiing and hiking in the Reno Lake Tahoe area! You can see more of my platform on the ASUN special elections website.”

Kaden Walt

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Kaden Walt multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.


Jocelyn Simmons

“My name is Jocelyn Simmons and I’m running for the open ASUN Senate seat for the College of Liberal Arts.

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Simmons

As a first-gen, transgender, and low-income student, I’ve experienced a multitude of challenges in returning to college. I want to use my experiences in overcoming those challenges to empower and benefit all UNR students. The hardships of college life happen to us all, and never at convenient times. We’re all here to make our lives better, and I will represent the student body to ensure we can do so with as little difficulty as possible.

Initially, I will be focusing on the four areas listed below, with the intention of embracing any issues where I can effect positive change.

  • Transgender Rights and Visibility.
  • Campus-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Standards Accountability.
  • Under-served Student Needs and Representation.
  • Improved Interdepartmental Infrastructure for Students in Need.

Feel free to contact me with any question or concerns:”

Kaiden Meija-Amaya

Photo courtesy of Kaiden Meija Amaya

“My name is Kaiden Mejia-Amaya and I am a first generation Latino student. I am a History major with a Spanish minor in the College of Liberal Arts. I am currently running to be senator for the College of Liberal Arts because I believe every student deserves fair representation in their student government. I understand the difficulty that students go through such as mental health issues, housing insecurities, and the anxieties that come with juggling school, work and social life. I will place extreme importance on speaking on the issues students face and offering a different perspective to the student government. As your representative I will ensure your opinion is heard, and I will advocate for your needs to the fullest extent. The student government needs to have people from all backgrounds and an understanding of the difficulties which many students face on a day to day basis. It is my goal that all students of all backgrounds have the equal opportunity of pursuing the best education and that you guys as students are provided with representation in your student government for policies that work for YOU!

Primary Goals are:

  1. Create more opportunities for students in their future career fields such as internships, job fairs, and community engagement.
  2. Provide more engagement opportunities for students in Liberal arts with ASUN such as workshop’s in getting involved with ASUN and having more students understand the goals of ASUN.
  3. Advocate for Undocumented/First Generation students, LGBTQ+ students, Black students, Asian students, Indigenous students and low-income students. In order to allow our students of all backgrounds to succeed, an importance on students identity and representation must be advocated for in ASUN legislation.
  4. Place an importance on student mental health and create a greater bridge between counseling services and ASUN.”

College of Science

Emma Doty

Photo courtesy of Emma Doty

“My name is Emma Doty, and I’m running on several platforms: broadening transportation options, increasing ADA accessibility, supporting the construction of a University Field House, and most importantly, improving our food options on campus. To build upon this last point, I aim to cut profit margins at campus restaurants in order to lower costs for students, expand the selection in the Wolfshop to include more nutritious options, and extend the hours of campus restaurants to provide dining options later at night. I hope to support the development of a vibrant community here at UNR by helping to put on events that will make students feel more connected to each other. Go Pack!”

Shadman Shibbir Rasha

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Shadman Shibbir Rasha multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Emily Kane

Photo courtesy of Emily Kane

“My name is Emily Kane and I am a candidate for the ASUN 2022 Special Elections as a senator for the College of Science. I am from Henderson, Nevada and I am a second-year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Graphic Design. I enjoy creating art, snowboarding, and discovering new music. I have decided to run in the Special Elections as a senator because I strive for creativity, hard work, and innovation. I would also be honored to represent my college here at UNR. I want to be a resource to those needing advice, help, or wanting to find other academic-favoring opportunities on campus such as jobs, internships, seminars, etc. If elected as senator, I will be committed to providing a voice to the underrepresented, developing more academic opportunities that will be beneficial as a UNR student and beyond, and creating proposals with the UNR police department on ways to make our campus safer. Remember voting begins on April 20th! Thank you and Go Pack!”

Connor Low

“My name is Connor Low and I am a full time Psychology student here at UNR seeking to represent and serve my fellow students through the College of Science Senate Seat. I’m looking to promote legislation to help the College of Science flourish and grow with increased internship and scholarship opportunities. As a leader in Greek Life myself, I want to create more inclusion between our growing Greek Life community and ASUN. I run on the promise that I will be an advocate that devotes himself to every constituent and their best interests not only in the College of Science, but the University as a whole.”

Joshua Phen

“My name is Joshua Phen. I am a Sophomore majoring in Biology. I’m from Elk Grove, California and love to spend time

Photo courtesy of Josh Phen

outdoors fishing, bouldering, and dirt bike riding. I have aspirations to attend Dental School after graduation. I’m actively involved in the community as a volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sister and hope to be more active on campus as the ASUN College of Science Senator. I have experience being a student leader for the Nevada Pre-Dental Society and Kappa Alpha Order. In the Nevada Pre-Dental Society, I am the Clinical Coordinator which gives members the opportunity to work in clinics and gain hands-on experience working in a dental office. For Kappa Alpha Order I was Historian for 2 terms. I created philanthropy events and worked on ways to strengthen the Alumni relations within the chapter. Along with building a stronger community within Kappa Alpha Order, I communicated with other fraternities and sororities to increase social events within Greek Life.

If elected I plan to promote better safety on campus and help freshmen with the transition into college. Additionally, I will strive to increase interest, participation, and retention within the College of Science, I also hope to promote and create resources for internships and research opportunities. I believe unity within a community is the key to success. This is why I believe it is crucial to create a memorable experience for all students on campus by developing more College of Science social and community events.”

Caleb Ryce

Photo courtesy of Caleb Ryce

“I am running because I feel overall that more can be done for students apart of the College of Science. Moreover, I feel some majors may feel underrepresented when people think of the College of Science, thinking more about the life sciences. As a result I hope to bring guest speakers that are catered to more of the underrepresented majors so all feel there is something for them. Also, after being in the Honors College for two years, I have myself felt like there are not many honors courses for science oriented classes and would like to provide the opportunity to those seeking it. Finally, while this may not be specifically for the College of Science, I would like to find a way to receive more aid from the Disability Resource Center for those needing accommodations. As over the Winter break I had to get a total hip replacement and the DRC did not have any accommodations for getting around campus. Making my first two months back much harder than I would have liked, which led to me to hoping to pursue this goal for others, should I get elected. Finishing up my second year, I have enjoyed the community here on campus and feel like many of the student I speak to, so I want to provide a presence others are comfortable with. Not shying away to voice any concerns to me they may have regarding the College of Science.”

Seb Carin

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to Seb Carin multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

John Kermanshahi

The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to John Kermanshahi multiple times, but did not receive an immediate response.

Reynolds School of Journalism

Jaime Gonzalez-Aguirre

“Growing up in Fallon I understood that no matter what your background is, if you can do something great, you should be

Photo courtesy of Jaime Gonzalez-Aguirre

allowed to try no matter what. I am running for the Senate seat for the Reynolds School of Journalism because I know what it means to want to do amazing things and be held back by limitations of what is available. My goal is to reach out to as many students as possible as well as faculty to get a sense of the bigger picture. From there I want to focus my efforts in making sure that the rooms in the journalism building are known about and easy to access to its students while also updating the media inventory we have. I also want to focus efforts in giving the student body a real voice in the senate, fighting for what they deem necessary in order to achieve their goals in college. I am on my way out with a year left. I did my time and was able to experience some amazing stuff while here. I want to make sure that those same options and more opportunities stay available to those still here after I am gone and more.”

Ethan Morganti

Photo courtesy of Ethan Morganti

“I am running because I believe the Reynolds School of Journalism is a unique place on our campus for students to learn at and I want to bring more incoming freshmen into the Reynolds School. I would also like to include more Greek life into our campus as whole as well. One fun fact about me is I own a Star Wars Instagram page called Starwars.Warriors that I’ve run since 2015. One idea I would like to push in the senate is to create a fully student run news show and have it play once a week on campus.”

College of Medicine/Orvis School of Nursing

Angelle Landolfi

Photo courtesy of Angelle Landolfi


“My name is Angelle Landolfi and I’m currently running for Senate of the School of Medicine & Orvis School of Nursing.

Currently I’m a Speech Pathology & Audiology major with a Psychology minor. I’ll be focusing heavily on specific student wants and needs in order to more effectively supplement our campus mental health and boost participation in on-campus activities. Our student body will show up to events that they know about and are interested in. I believe constant check-ins into what our campus wants to see will help us make more exciting changes for our student body. I’m especially interested in the implementation of University-accessible mental health modules for students, as well as programs that will expose pre-medical students to opportunities to collaborate with each other, make connections, and build resumes after online University.”