The following is an apology from Clayton Greb, senator for the College of Business, on his recent judicial council decision.

Greb was called into the judicial council by Dawson Frost, director of elections, for claiming an endorsement without consent. In Greb’s campaign materials he used Alphie, Luna and Wolfie, University of Nevada, Reno mascots, and Brian Sandoval, president of UNR.

Additionally, Greb posted campaign stickers in residential halls without approval from Residental Life, Food and Housing.

Firstly, Greb’s apology for the use of the mascots:

“I am writing this email as a formal apology for using the mascots likeness in my campaign materials. As a freshman this was my first time seeing an election take place and I was unclear on what rules were in place. I am a huge supporter of the Athletics department and would never intentionally do anything to harm the integrity of the department. As I get further involved in campus life with this position I look forward to working more with this department. I have an immense amount of school spirit and I can’t wait to show it off even more in the fall semester.”

Secondly, Greb’s apology for the ResLife postings:

“I am writing this letter to apologize for what my campaign materials may have done to some of the resident halls. As a freshman this was my first time seeing an election take place on campus and I went all out with materials. These campaign materials became out of hand as I gave out hundreds of items. Some of these materials were put up in the resident halls by other students and for that I apologize as that was never my intention.”