By Will Harrison

Hello again, fellow wolves! This week starts out with all sorts of emotional fullness as the moon transits through the region of space known as Cancer; I hope you enjoyed your weekend with loved ones, had a great meal and relaxed in general! That being said, considering the Grand Cross discussed in previous issues, it’s understandable if there was some tension as well as good times this weekend. With Jupiter 12 degrees Cancer, Mars 19 degrees Libra (and retrograde), Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn and Uranus 12 degrees Aries, we’re being pulled in all sorts of different directions here on Earth. Our need for emotional stability and family (Jupiter in Cancer) is conflicting with our need to make the world a better, fairer place (Mars in Libra). Not only this, but we are dealing with corruption in our society and economic system (Pluto in Capricorn) as well as our need to progress and evolve in brand new, exciting directions (Uranus in Aries). Man, are we busy! The good news is this: We’re all on this planet together and all being impacted by the same energies, even if we’re being impacted in different ways. Lend some advice to those struggling with these energies if you’re feeling good about how life is going, and be humble enough to accept help if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all of these different energies affecting us — we’re all in this together.

Mercury is beginning a brand new cycle for those of us on Earth by impacting us from the region of space known as Aries. Whereas in the last month we’ve been floating around in daydreams and fantasies, this next month we’ll all be plowing full steam ahead in whichever direction we choose. Now is a wonderful time to set priorities in our lives and set goals to reach for this next year — be inspired when setting these goals, but make sure they’re practical too and that you actually want to make these things happen. Setting these goals now is a wonderful way to take advantage of all this fiery mental energy we’re all suddenly having!

Venus is also entering a new region of space: Pisces! Now that the Sun and Mercury have worked their ways through this sign for 2014, Venus is closing the cycle for the personal planet transits through Pisces for this year. This is a very sweet, sensitive and psychic time that is best spent with loved ones. Whereas this last month we were all meeting new people and being outgoing with Venus in Aquarius, this month is meant to be spent either with already-trusted friends and family or on our own. Enjoying music and art will be deeply rewarding and enriching under this transit, as will be exploring metaphysical subjects. With that Mercury in Aries influence, though, it’s got to be inspiring, so whatever you do, make sure it satisfies your soul.

The next week and a half will be very dreamy as per interpersonal relationships, and a lot of confusion may come about; don’t get overwhelmed by all of the emotions you’re feeling in relation to others, and if you do, take some much needed alone time to sort through all of those feelings.

The Sun is in Aries! We’re all moving ahead in our lives and have done so for the past three weeks. For this next week Aries will progress into the cusp of Taurus and we’ll find ourselves beginning to settle down a little bit (just a little bit). What we accomplish in the next two weeks will see a tangible reward from April 20 to May 20, so let’s get all our work done now so we can chil-lax later! It’s been an interesting, evolutionary Sun in Aries transit, but it’s not over yet. There is so much more to experience and so much more life to live!

Getting back to moon transits, the moon enters show-offy, playful and creative Leo for Tuesday, Wednesday and a good part of Thursday, so this week will be one of fun, major self-expression and good feelings of warmth. Any of us presenting will have a great time! By Friday the moon is in serious, focused, analytical Virgo, so it will be easier if you get homework done before having fun this weekend; that way you won’t be worried while you’re trying to have a good time.

Have a great week, friends! As always you can reach me at my Facebook page for any questions or personal readings: “Will Harrison, Metaphysician.”

Will Harrison studies French and Spanish. He can be reached at