By Will Harrison

Hey there, fellow wolves! The Sun has just entered Taurus, marking a time of great focus, as well as more than just a little bit of laziness. We are in the resolving stages of the semester, and though a strong temptation may exist to not push as hard scholastically as in weeks past, finishing strong is definitely a good idea and not too difficult once you get started.

This week Mercury also enters Taurus early Wednesday morning, so the temptation will be doubly strong as our minds all become a little bit more slow in emphasizing thorough thinking over the more inspired, flash-in-the-pan type thinking we’ve embodied under the Mercury-Aries transit. This is a great opportunity to finish what you’ve started whether it’s your courses or anything else in your life. We’ll all be a little bit more serious, but this will be a nice evolution to all of the childlike enthusiasm we’ve had this last month. While we communicated quickly and excitedly this last month here on Earth, this next month will see us being a lot more thoughtful in our communicative styles and a lot more practical in our overall outlook. This is a great opportunity to get things done effectively, but don’t get too serious! Life is not just meant to be about work and survival, after all.

Mars continues its retrograde motion, opposing Uranus directly for this next week until it goes direct on May 20 — tempers will be flaring at random times, and frustration that has been buried passive-aggressively will snap to the surface. This is a great time to sort out what is really bothering you and how to work with other people in finding solutions. It won’t be easy, especially if people are choosing to deflect what is truly aggravating them instead of dealing with it head on, but the more you commit yourself to speaking your mind in a rational, calm way, instead of exploding in anger or burying it to explode later, the better.

Now then, to the moon. This week starts out super serious with disciplined moon in Capricorn — our work ethic will be impeccable as we focus our energies on the task at hand. Just like with the Mercury in Taurus transit, though we’ll be feeling mighty practical, let’s not get too serious!

Early Tuesday morning, the moon continues in the region of space known to us as Aquarius — we’ll be feeling much more rebellious and less likely to follow through on the tasks that we were so diligently attending to the previous two days, but we’ll be getting a lot of intellectual energy coming our way. Though we will not be working quite as hard as the previous days, we’ll be working much smarter and with more innovation. This is a great time to work through any conflicts that arise from the Mars in Libra retrograde transit, as it will add a much needed, helpful sense of perspective on what’s really bothering you emotionally. Keep calm, vent as you need to and carry on. Don’t chastise yourself for not being as productive during this time either; emotional developments and insights will be much more important for the middle of this week.

Early Thursday morning, the moon enters impressionable, daydreaming Pisces, so all the work ethic from the previous days will be pretty much out the window. Especially considering that the moon will be conjunct to both Neptune, and then Venus will be in Pisces until early Saturday morning. I, as well as many others, have been having vivid dreams lately since Venus has been in Pisces, and I suspect with the moon joining these energies, we’ll all be a little dreamy, either consciously or subconsciously. This will be a good time to reflect on the progress made this week and to start dreaming what you’re going to do for summer vacation, since it’s oh-so-close! Sure, we’ll also all have at least part of our minds on schoolwork, but sometimes dreaming is the best course of action.

This weekend will bring a lot of excitability as the last lunar cycle resolves in Aries. Our Taurean new moon is right around the corner! From now until the new moon Tuesday, reflect on all that you’ve accomplished during this last month and the primal energies of spring. Sunday will see us all acting a little funny emotionally, but as long as we’re not burying any conflicts and amassing psychological tension, then we’ll all have a wonderful, if eccentric, time this weekend as the moon conjuncts Uranus in its transit. It’s been a fun start to a brand new year (the zodiacal cycle begins with spring as the Sun enters Aries), and it’s now time to reflect on how we’re going to solidify all of the plans and half-finished beginnings begun this past month in order to reach something tangible.

Have a wonderful week, friends! As always you can find me at my Facebook page, “Will Harrison, Metaphysician.” Namasté.

Will Harrison studies French and Spanish. He can be reached at