By Maddison Cervantes

Public Comment

A poster board decorated with multicolored sticky notes was created by two members of the Nevada Wolf Shop Marketing Team and displayed for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada’s Public comment portion of their senate meeting.

The board was referred to as the “Pack Promise Board” and Wolf Shop Marketing representative Vincent Gutierrez explained that each note contained a variety of promises to the students of UNR. The Marketing team claimed that this idea was just for fun; a way for the Wolf Shop to connect with students on a more personal level.

“Most people do not know that we are ASUN-owned and we are solely here for students,” Wolf Shop marketing and event assistant Krista Anderson said. “The values on the board will show students that we hear them and we want to assist them with their own personal goals.”

Sen. Zachary Brounstein of the College of Engineering questioned how the board would be used to better engage students.

Gutierrez responded, stating that by making it apparent to students that the Wolf Shop supports them, the Wolf Shop will receive students’ support and involvement.

Comments and Announcements

Sen. Ryan Hood of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources discussed the topic of students’ accessibility to faculty evaluations. Hood has previously met with Executive Vice President and Provost Kevin Carman who is in full support of the movement, but would like to see full student and partial faculty support as well.

During ASUN tabling hours in the coming weeks, Hood is constructing a petition for student and faculty signatures in support of making faculty evaluations available to students.

“Instead of going on Rate My Professor and seeing a skewed few of evaluations from a student who was extremely upset with a professor or a student who was extremely in love with a professor, they can get a more accurate presentation of how a certain class was taught,” Hood said.

The petition was officially available as of Feb. 23, and will continue to be open to all students and faculty during ASUN office hours. The petition can be found in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center lobby.


Sen. Quinn Jonas of the College of Liberal Arts spoke on behalf of Senate Resolution 82-123 in support of Nevada Assembly Bill 111.  The bill is seeking to raise the minimum number of credits required for the Millennium Scholarship to 15 credits a semester, as opposed to the current requirement of 12.

During the discussion, Sen. Hood raised a question regarding the financial aspect of the amendment. Jonas responded, explaining that the resolution is not to increase the amount provided by the Millennium Scholarship, but to adjust the payment from $960 a semester for 12 possible credits, to $1,200 a semester for 15 possible credits.

According to Jonas and Speaker of the Senate Caden, the resolution has no fiscal note on the total amount of money distributed, and it will allow students to fully utilize the money.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

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