By Anastasia Warren

Crowded hallways, heavy boxes, unfamiliar faces.

Move-in day.

I’ll never forget the day I moved into the University of Nevada residence halls. I’ll never forget the day that changed my life forever.

August 2010. And I didn’t even want to be there.

I was away from home and didn’t want to be. I was out of my comfort zone and afraid.

What I didn’t know that day, was that I was wrong, and that I was lucky enough to have chosen a school that truly is the perfect fit.

An institution that makes being a second-year-senior a privilege, and really, well, fun.

An institution that makes it hard for someone that has an obsession with change to think about actually leaving. An institution with students and faculty that inspire others every day to be their best and to make a difference. An institution rich with genuine school spirit. An institution full of opportunity and hope, of resources and a sense of community. An institution that I could drag this paragraph out for, because there are too many incredible things it has to offer.

An institution with a rich historic foundation, fueled today by the minds and spirits of all involved.

Growing up, I denied that I would ever go to the University of Nevada.

I told my family no, no way, never, I’m not going there (mostly just to annoy them … I must’ve been fun).

I grew up amid Nevada alums, and I wasn’t able to forget it. My mom is a member of the Wolf Pack. My dad is a member of the Wolf Pack. My uncle, my grandpa and my grandma are all members of the Wolf Pack.

Growing up, I really didn’t care.

It’s hard to look from the outside in and understand. Cool, you went there, that’s nice. Cool, you still have your letterman’s jacket from the cheerleading team, way to go.

However, as I have grown to love this institution and everything it stands for, appreciate its history and truly realize everything it has given me, I have started to really care.

My parents still make trips to see their friends from school. My grandma still has her yearbook from the ‘50s. My grandpa still has his crested mug from his fraternity. My uncle still buys his kids Wolf Pack gear.

I have an unfaltering love for the University of Nevada. I loved it yesterday, I love it today, I’ll love it tomorrow and I’ll still love it for the rest of my life.

I am grateful to be a member of the Wolf Pack alongside different members of my family. I am proud to share that bond. I am fortunate to be here, and I don’t forget that.

Choosing this institution and place to call home was the best decision I’ve ever made. Somehow when I visited the campus for the first time, I just knew it was where I belonged. I had doubts about starting school however, there were actually some attempts at leaving within the first week or so of my experience. But life has mysterious ways of working itself out, and it did.

Nevada is my place, and I will support it until the end.

My hope for all individuals trying to find their way here is that they experience everything they can. That they realize the opportunities. That they have a sense of pride in their institution. That they make mistakes, get involved and grow into their true selves. That they make the most out every situation — and make it right for them.

I’ve done a lot of stuff during my time at the University of Nevada. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve gotten less than excellent grades, I’ve met amazing people. But most importantly, I have molded into the person I am—the person I want to be. I was involved, made friends with people I never thought I would speak to—I did it right. I have no ragrets (except one letter).

Go Pack.

Anastasia Warren studies journalism. She can be reached at and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.