By Neil Patrick Healy

Stock down: Anyone saying, “Trade Mike Trout.”

The preseason leads to sportswriters to come up with ideas for columns that will get people talking. ESPN’s Keith Law finished ranking every MLB farm system and the Los Angeles Angels finished at No. 30. In case you weren’t sure, that’s out of 30 teams. The sentence that got people’s attention in Law’s article was when he said, “If the Angels want long-term success, they should consider trading Mike Trout.” I understand the need to reload your farm system with prospects and trading big names can do that. That being said, that is blasphemy! That is absolute blasphemy! Mike Trout is the present and future of baseball. At 24 years old, he has already won rookie of the year, four Silver Slugger awards, has made two All-Star Game appearances and won the MVP award in 2014. The Angels are a hot mess, but a move like this would only amplify that level. The Angels would go from hot mess to dumpster fire real quick. Keith, I get it. Pre-spring training can be dull, but let’s pump the breaks.

Stock up: Justin Verlander’s Valentine’s Day

Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander has a good life. He’s the No. 1 starter on an American League Central contender and he’s won an MVP and the pitcher’s triple crown while collecting a monster $200 million contract. Now how does a man who gets paid $6,900 per pitch spend his Valentine’s Day? At the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto with his supermodel girlfriend Kate Upton. Upton posted a pic of her and Verlander courtside at Sunday’s All-Star festivities and I have a hard time thinking of a better way for a man to spend the holiday. While some poor guys were dragged to a bed and breakfast or had to watch a generic chick flick, Verlander got to sit courtside and watch basketball with a woman who has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. Props, my man. All boyfriends must wish they could pull that off. #Goals