As July quickly approaches and the Republican Party sets to nominate its presidential candidate, and there seems to be a divide within the party. This divide between the Republican voters may cause the party to split. As some know, the Republican Party originally came from a split within the Whig party. As we see today, there may be another split coming if the Republican party continues in the direction it is headed. 

Donald Trump has shaken its foundation of the party and a huge change is coming if he continues with his success. The Republican National Committee is doing everything in its power to make sure Donald Trump does not secure the nomination. If Trump were elected, there would be an enormous reform in the party and many of the lifelong politicians would be put out of a job. Senators such as Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz have spoken out against Trump to try and tarnish his name in the media. 

Career politicians such as Cruz and Rubio are disparaging Trump because they know if Trump is elected their gravy train is over. Trump has promised to set term limits for Congress. This will help to clean out the corruption in the party that has been there for years. Americans are sick of these politicians that they have elected to be their voice and then have not followed through with their promises. The overwhelming support for Donald Trump proves the people of the greatest nation are ready for political reform and they believe Trump will do that. As many know, Donald Trump is a successful businessman, not a career politician. Many feel he is the man to clean up all the corruption in Washington, D.C., and will fight for the people. They are sick of being ignored and lied to and are terrified of the direction this country is headed. If this corruption continues there may not be a way back.

The RNC is doing everything in its power to try and tarnish Trump’s name and give the nomination to another candidate. However, this appears to be backfiring and because of its stance, Trump has gained more support. The RNC stands for everything the party is made of today and the American people are ready for reform.

Trump is anti-establishment and runs on the platform of distancing himself from the status quo. In the Republican debate last week, both Rubio and Cruz spent the entire debate trying to attack Trump instead of focusing on their own platforms and issues at hand. This drives more people over to the Trump campaign because they are sick of these status quo politicians who are just puppets for the party and never get anything accomplished. The longer the RNC takes to back Trump, the more support he will gain. At this point it is fairly likely Trump will get the nomination because of how far ahead he is in delegates. It is time for the party to accept the wants and needs of the American people and fight for the candidate the people support. Americans want their voice to be heard and with Donald Trump this is finally possible again. Trump is truly trying to “make America great again.”

Sean Dodenhoff studies biology. He can be reached at and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.