Nonstop talk of emails and pussy grabbing galore

I can’t be the only one who can’t take much more

Not nearly enough booze will get us through this Election Day

And for Christ sake, why has Donald yet to get a new toupee?

But on the bright side we are in this together

At least we’ll have funny presidential memes— those, if nothing else will last us forever

Shit. Where’d Deez Nutz go?

Maybe his foreign policy wouldn’t blow…

Clinton, since when did you get so rich

Like Tyga, I heard you and Bill were broke, bitch

Obama please don’t go

Or better yet, when out of office grow out your afro

How do you choose between a nasty woman and a groper?

But come on, Johnson is no doper

Relax people it’s almost over

This election really made us all bend over

There’s still some time to get out there and vote

And remember, whether the crook or the creep we’re all in the same boat.