The University of Nevada, Reno police department has confirmed that someone tried to break into the Fleischmann Agriculture building early Thursday morning. The culprit was attempting to get inside a professors’s office, though UNRPD say they believe the attempt was unsuccessful and haven’t yet assigned a motive. 

“We can confirm that there was destruction of property, meaning somebody broke a window and it looked like there were some pry marks, but there was nothing missing that we are aware of, we’re not quite sure what the intent was, but somebody was wanting to get in there, but nothing was taken,” said UNRPD Assistant Chief Todd Renwick.

Peirce Mahaffey, a research assistant at the University of Nevada, Reno, posted security footage on his Facebook page showing a female jumping a fence outside the Fleischmann building.

Mahaffey wrote, “So, someone tried to break into the [professor’s] office I TA for to steal tests… I thought this only happened in terrible movies meant for teenagers. She broke a window to get in the building, then [tried] to open her door.”

Renwick said UNRPD are still investigating the situation to see whether anything was taken and if there is any other evidence of what might have happened.

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