‘Tis the season of love. Valentine’s day brings the essence of overcrowded grocery store aisles filled with stuffed bears, chocolate and roses. We can’t escape the season where couples express their unconditional love for each other with hand written cards, fancy dates and rose petals on the bed. But what do athletes do during this season. When it comes time to bask in the ambiance of romance, they may tend to fall short. After all, it is hard to participate in holiday festivities when you are consistently on the road. Despite all odds, here are three athletes that stand out among the masses, defying all time constraints and showing some serious love to their significant others and families.

Tom Brady, who plays for the Patriots, holds the title for being the best quarterback of all-time, aka “the G.O.A.T.” After a speedy, skilled comeback in the 2017 Super Bowl, Tom Brady led his team to victory in the fourth quarter. How does he make time to maintain his marriage to Victoria Secret Model Gisele Bundchen?

During his post-game speech he thanked his family, “…I was happy everybody was here. I had my wife, my kids, my parents, my sisters, my brothers-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law. A lot of friends and it was a full contingent of support,” said Brady.

The most emotional moment for everyone watching, though,was Brady breaking down in tears while embracing his supermodel wife after the game. According to the New York Post, Mr. and Mrs. Brady are known home bodies. They don’t go out with friends much, they spend their time with their kids, playing laser tag and taking family vacations during the Patriots’ off season. Tom Brady’s ability to snap out of athlete mode and into family mode earns him the title of being one of our Valentine’s day idols this 2017 season.

Now let’s peek into the life of Willie Cauley Stein who plays for the Sacramento Kings. In 2015 Cauley-Stein was selected as sixth overall pick, and was drafted by the California organization. At the end of the 2016 NBA season, Cauley-Stein earned the title of NBA All-Rookie Second Team award; this award is given to the top Rookies, in the league. Chanting Cauley-Stein’s name on the sidelines, as he rises to be a contending player, is his high school sweetheart Kelsey Brooks. Kelsey Brooks knows her away around the court, and keeps Cauley-Stein on his toes by calling out plays from the sidelines, as for she has a history with the sport as well. Brooks has been playing basketball since she was fourteen and is optimistic that she will be able to play in the WNBA. The two have been together for years, and we don’t see them breaking up any time soon. The two have made a name for themselves, as the couple, with game in their step.

To finish up our Valentine’s favorites, we’ll profile a local athlete. Hall of famer Patty Sheehan resides in Reno, NV, with her partner Rebecca Gaston and their two children, Bryn and Blake. Sheehan originally took a break from the LPGA Tour in the 1990s so she could focus on her family. She made her family a priority after realizing how difficult life on the move was for her and her loved ones.

“It was so hard to travel with the two kids and we had two dogs, too,” said Sheehan in an interview with ESPN in 2015 “After about three years, it was like I can’t do this anymore… I kind of faded away. I didn’t say goodbye. I just left.”

It’s hard enough for athletes to call it quits when their career is on the decline. But to do so in the midst of her pinnacle moments as a golfer must have taken true strength. Sheehan epitomizes the family oriented woman.

These three athletes deserve a lot more than Super bowl trophies, rookie awards, and hall of fame inductions. They are not only athletically gifted, but family oriented, and driven with compassion to put their love ones first. This Valentine’s day season doesn’t have to be all about buying a whole isles worth of gifts (even though flowers are always a must). Most importantly this season should be about reflection on what is most important in your life. Family over everything.