It is no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner family is basically pop-culture royalty. And while they sit on that throne they hold the title of some of the most influential fashion icons in the world. Fashionistas all over the map could argue that, at the moment, Kylie Jenner may just be the most prominent of them all in setting the latest trends.

Kylie brought back sleek white Adidas kicks. She also brought back satin embroidered bomber jackets, but dear god, Kylie, why couldn’t you just leave Juicy Couture in 2007, where it belongs?! Back in January, Jenner posted a pic on Instagram sporting high-waisted black velour sweat pants with, yes you guessed it, “Juicy” across the butt. I mean, I wasn’t really an enormous fan of the whole white tee shirts under dresses trend, but now all that is looking very Kate Middleton in comparison. The pants were bad enough without the added mom jean flare.

I hoped Jenner’s Instagram post would spark some sort of revolutionary uprising in 17 year olds everywhere: Kylie, we will play into your lip kits and your body con dress revival but you have taken this one too far! Wishing, praying, hoping that this was a trend that no one would pick up on, I sort of let the idea go that there could be an army of girls running around in velour tracksuits again. My life resumed per usual.

Then, the other day my worst nightmare was confirmed. I was in my first class of the day, doing what everyone does in class, going to browse the apartment section of Urban Outfitters, when I saw that the home page wreaked of Juicy. I saw my girl Kehlani posing as the new spokesmodel for the Juicy Couture line Urban is releasing. Kehlani, you are way too cool to be pulling this.

Kehlani and Kylie aren’t the only ones trying to bring this terrible fad back. A-lister celebs like Paris Hilton (yes, she is sort of cool again), Eva Longoria and Big sis Kim K are even sporting the tracksuits. These trendsetters are trying to revive the embellished sequinned tracksuits and all I can say is please, quit now before this all gets out of hand. Just to give you some context, think about what other trends were alive and well when Juicy was flourishing. Wide belts worn, not at the belt line, but snugly under the boobs (this fad gave “hitting below the belt” a whole new meaning), Skull printed, well uhh everything (Hot topic was thriving) and of course the unmentionable trucker hats like Von Dutch (So glad our fav 70s kid Kutcher grew up).

On Urban Outfitters’ website, each piece is selling for about $98 a pop. You heard it right. Nearly $200 for a velour tracksuit that will inevitably die again. To make this steep asking price even worse, a few days ago I found myself browsing the shelves of Savers, (for yes, you guessed it, a 1980s ski party) when I found myself in the workout section. In the midst of zebra print spandex and neon green parachute-looking joggers, I saw my childhood flash before my eyes. A teal Juicy pant lay in front of my eyes, “Juicy” written on the right hipbone (obviously). Price tag read $6.99. It was then that I reflected. 2017 can bring back bell bottom jeans, it can bring back high-fashion band shirts and it can bring back oversized acid-washed denim jackets, but I’ll be damned, it will not bring back Juicy tracksuits!

So my word of advice for fashionistas everywhere, do yourself a favor and pass on a Juicy revival. I know the nostalgia in you is just burning to pick up a new tracksuit to satisfy your inner 13 year old. When aiming for comfy, stay true to your favorite pair of lulus and leave the velour where it belongs, in 2007 sister.