Wolf Pack basketball is alive and well again as the program has been revitalized following two impressive seasons under head coach Eric Musselman. Although Nevada failed to get a win against Iowa State in the first round of the NCAA tournament, the season was in no way a loss. The Pack exceeded expectations this season.

But what’s next? With Marcus Marshall and D.J. Fenner graduating and Cameron Oliver’s commitment to Nevada Basketball up in the air, what could become of Nevada Basketball?

Have no fear Nevada fans, Marsall, Fenner and Oliver’s absence next season will not be as big a  factor to the team as many may think. Nevada is stacked with young talent and a great deal of transfers eager to get their first game in as Pack basketball players.

One huge positive that Nevada has going for them next season is the size and depth in the front court. Transfers Cody Martin and Caleb Martin highlight Nevada’s next front court tandem. Obviously Jordan Caroline will be in the mix, but the twins will assist Nevada in its rebounding efforts. As a freshmen Cody Martin played for North Carolina State, where his best game played came against Notre Dame, as he recorded 10 points and six rebounds. His sophomore season was an improvement as  he shot 46.7 percent from the field. Cody’s brother, Caleb too played at North Carolina State before he transferred over to Nevada. During his freshman campaign he made waves especially against Louisville where he brought down 10-boards. Just like his brother, Caleb’s sophomore season saw him improve tremendously as he scored in double digits in 20 separate games.

With the Martin twins and Caroline controlling the front court, I can see Nevada straying away from their usual three-point galore tactic and moving in the direction of scoring in t he paint on a more consistent basis.