photo illustration by Nicole Skarlatos

In our world of ever-expanding technology, it is hard to keep up with the newest gear, software and media. On a limited student budget, it may seem impossible to own that GoPro you’ve had your eyes on, or buy the software needed to make that cool video for your class project. Thankfully, the University of Nevada, Reno, has our backs, providing everything a student may want or need in one accessible location, the @One.

The @One is your one-stop shop for all things technology. Many students already use the quiet, up-to-date technology hub on the first floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center to type up a report or surf the web, but the space has a lot more than just computers to offer. Along with over 100+ PCs and MACs, the @One offers students impressive academic support amenities, giving students everything they may need to not only succeed academically but thrive in our high-tech world.

Open from 9 a.m.-1 a.m., whatever your technology needs are there is someone or something in the @One that can help you.

This is News You Can Use with a guide to all things @One.


In the back of the @One floor to the right of the multimedia desk, is the equipment checkout room, where students and faculty can check out a wide variety of technical equipment. There is everything from laptops to USBs. The extensive list of equipment available can be used either for a class or for leisure. Have you ever left home for class, just to realize your laptop is dead and you forgot your charger? You can check out MacBook charges or portable batteries. Do you want to document your weekend trip to San Francisco? Rent a DSLR camera for the weekend. There is also a wide variety of lenses and camera accessories available for checkout, even a director’s slate.

Because of the highly technical nature of some pieces of equipment that are rented, training may be required before checkout. The knowledgeable staff in the @One can get you up-to-date with the basics of the equipment and will go over the guidelines for rentals and their return.

Study Space

Not only is the @One a great place to get all of your online homework completed, there are a variety of rooms available to reserve. Along with a few meeting conference rooms, there are sound studio rooms, and a fully-equipped 4k room available to students and staff. The 4k room is one of the most popular in the @One. It is divided into 3 stations: Graphic Design, Color Correction, and 3D Camtasia. Tutorials are available online and staff in the @One are available to help as well. There is also the P3 room, a fully-equipped space where student scan practice presentations.

Rooms can be reserved online and must be entered by 4:00 p.m. the day before the room is required, or before 4:00 p.m. on Friday if the room is required on a weekend day or on Monday.


Want to renovate your dorm room or really impress your professors with a killer project at a low cost? The @One offers much more than the ordinary black and white and color printing. Specialty projects like posters and photography prints can be developed in the @One. The price varies on the size/finish of the project, but the @One even provides templates and examples of the work that can be done. So before you go out and buy an expensive poster, consider designing and printing your own!

Remote Services

From any online computer, you can launch software applications hosted on the university’s Remote Services server. You can use your own computer or easily access the server from the computers in the @One. There are a variety of programs offered to all students, as well as specialty software programs for students in specific areas of study like engineering


Not only can you check out a variety of equipment, there is a vast collection of movies, CDs, images and videos available to check out or use from the multimedia center. They offer the complete BBC Shakespeare plays, over 4,000 compact discs strong in classical, jazz, and opera, and more than 5,000 DVDs and thousands of online streaming videos. The multimedia desk also offers access to image databases available for use in school projects.

Dynamic Media Lab

The Dynamic Media Lab in the @One is open from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and provides software, hardware, and expert assistance to complete media projects. From video and audio editing to DVD authoring, animation and graphics creation, Flash authoring, and digital still photography. Technology can be complicated, so give yourself a leg up and utilize the experts! If you don’t have time to stop in during operating hours, browse through the tutorials online with access to

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