1. Trevor Carter – CABNR Senator Candidate

This is how you convey a meaning. This is how you get elected.

It’s a simple sign: two slices of a tree trunk fastened together by what looks like a door hinge. Each side says “CARTER FOR CABNR” in a stencil font.

But really, it says “I’ll go back to basics. I’m a an all-natural candidate. I cut my own wood. I don’t buy my wood at Home Depot.” It forces the voters to ask themselves “Is this guy a lumberjack? Did he go into the forest and cut down a tree with a chainsaw? Was he wearing a shirt when he did it?” Maybe he got the idea from Pinterest, but that just makes him a modern-day, millennial lumberjack.



2. Kevin Finkler – Education Senator Candidate

This guy watched Reading Rainbow and went to book fairs when he was in elementary school. I can tell by his sign.

It says “I value books. Remember what those are?” That’s why his name is written on hardcover, multi-colored publications and not written on a tablet or smartphone.

Kevin Finkler wants to take the same dedication he has for learning and teaching through books to the ASUN Senate, representing the College of Education. At least that’s what his sign tells me.

I love the message. He could’ve competed for first place on this list if he wasn’t so reckless with font choice.



3. Hannah Jackson and Carissa Bradley – President and Vice President Candidates

I think this sign could be a billboard for “Jackson/Bradley Law Associates,” and I would for sure trust them to get me out of a DUI.

It’s simple and clean. It says we can “learn together” and “lead together” on a campus plagued by recent divisiveness. It incorporates the shape of Nevada into the candidates’ initials, a must for any ASUN presidential campaign marketing strategy.

Most of all, it has the confidence and security of an unopposed campaign.





Editor’s Note: The above rankings are not an endorsement of any candidate(s), but merely an aesthetic judgment on the quality of signs.