SOBxRBE has blessed us with their new full project “Gangin,” following up their self-titled mixtape which featured hits such as “Lane Changing” and “Anti” that blew the group up on a national level. Was the Vallejo, California based collective able to follow up their highly praised mixtape? The short answer is yes.

“Gangin” is back-to-back bangers. Staying true to their Bay Area roots, the instrumentals on this mixtape are entrenched with hits of g-funk, hyphy and silky smooth melodies. The instrumentals used on this album show versatility; some are faster paced and thus bring out a rapid flow, versus some of the slower paced songs that allow singing to be executed much better upon the instrumental. Whatever pace SOBxRBE uses for their vocal delivery, the instrumentals are there to complement the vocals excellently.

There’s a lot of substance here to keep SOBxRBE fans happy, as well as being able to introduce new listeners and keep them hooked. “Carpoolin,” the single to promote this mixtape, features a high-pace beat that DaBoii, Slimmy B and Yhung T.O. all deliver a flurry that makes you want to whip donuts in the middle of the street. “Paid in Full” does the exact same thing, although I envision more of a street-racing vibe from the instrumental. Either way, it’s fast-paced and will get you and your body moving along with the rhythm.

The other single “Anti Social” has a melodic beat that delivers some hard-knocking bass like something you’ll hear in your local club this weekend. It’s that good: it’s melodic enough to dance with your boo, but also turn up with your friends. Slimmy B absolutely kills the track “God,” with his repetitive “I just prayed to God” to start off the beginning lines, then goes into his flow where he just pops off on the track, using fast bars and good wordplay to make his flow infectious.

“No Discussion” is another track that can see some major spins in clubs worldwide. The beat is beautifully constructed, with a lethal piano that personifies the bay sound with some great bass. This is definitely a track you need in your mix for working out, playing basketball, or anything like that. This track is braggadocious and in-your-face, but it’s so good that you can’t help but move along with the music.

“Back To Back” combines the best of both worlds, with good rap flows as well as good singing from the SOBxRBE members. The instrumental is also incredible, using a wonderful melody with some nice bass, and the instrumental comes off as anthemic. Lyrically, this track also delivers. The track features what SOBxRBE usually speaks about, not straying too far out of their comfort zone, but not in a repetitive fashion so it sounds fresh to listeners, while still keeping their characteristics. “Lifestyle” also does this well, with the hook being more of a singing delivery, where there is typical SOBxRBE rap flows on the verses.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new release to get your body moving to, turn up your night out with your friends, or are generally a fan of Bay-Area Hip-Hop, “Gangin” by SOBxRBE is not a release to miss. Many of the tracks are potential anthems and will be heard in nightclubs for the foreseeable future due to this album’s ability to get people moving and attract listeners of all styles of hip-hop while maintaining the SOBxRBE sound.