Karolina Rivas /Nevada Sagebrush
Reno City Mayor Hillary Scheive speaks at a conference at UNR on Saturday, Nov. 18. 2017. Scheive is one of the eight candidates running in the mayoral race.

Mayoral applicants for the city of Reno have dwindled from 20 prospective candidates to just eight. The city will host general elections for mayor, city council and city attorney on Nov. 6, 2018, while the primary will be held on June 12, 2018.

Candidates on the primary ballot include John Coristine, Chad Dehne, Michael Hagen, Eddie Lorton, William Mantle, Jesse O Razo, Hillary Schieve and Azzi Shirazi.

The current city mayor, Hillary Schieve, will be running for re-election for a second term. Schieve plans to keep her focus on one Reno’s largest problems, housing.

“I also know we have more to do: housing remains unaffordable for far too many, our homeless do not have adequate services that demonstrate a commitment to our shared humanity, and public infrastructure requires further investment to sustain growth and maintain the quality of life we’ve all enjoyed over the years,” Schieve said in a statement. “These are some of the real challenges that will be among my top priorities throughout a second term.”

Running against Schieve is Reno resident Michael Hagen. According to KTVN, Hagen’s platform will focus on budget, housing and social issues. Similarly, candidate William Mantle says he will champion strong and swift changes to reduce housing costs. Furthermore, Mantle aims to ensure that University of Nevada, Reno, students have a voice in the city.

“I want to make sure that all UNR students know they have a voice equal to any in this city even if they all can’t vote they should be heard,” Mantle said.

Also running for mayor is Reno resident Azzi Shirazi. Shirazi’s platform is to serve the community and work closely with constituents. She is an advocate for public service, and, according to her website, Shirazi will work toward sustainable growth, business development for local entrepreneurs, and a safer downtown area for the city.

Back for another shot at running for mayor is Reno businessman Eddie Lorton. Lorton previously ran unsuccessfully for the position in 2014 and has established a platform focused on fiscal responsibility.

“Reno has tried ‘youthful enthusiasm,’ now it’s time for an experienced steady hand that recognizes priorities and necessities over frivolous spending and that has the business sense to take advantage of our economic upswing,” Lorton said in a statement.

Also aiming for another shot at the position is Marine Corps veteran Chad Dehne. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Dehne has run for mayor unsuccessfully four times.

“I’m a great voice for working people and families,” Dehne said in an interview with the RGJ. “I’m honest, have integrity and I’m not a yes-man. When the Aces make my bobble-head, it will bounce sideways sometimes.”

John Coristine and Jesse O Razo will also run for mayor, their platforms were not found through research. Early voting begins as soon as May 26.

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