Andrea Wilkinson/Nevada Sagebrush
The temporary on-campus Starbucks location as it stands on Aug. 26, 2018. The renovations are allowing for a larger Starbucks store on the first floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union.

As students return to classes at the University of Nevada, Reno, some visible changes will be taking place in the Joe Crowley Student Union, Church of Fine Arts and Manzanita Hall.


Keva Juice will no longer be occupying the station on the south end of the first floor of the JCSU as Starbucks will be taking over the space as the original Starbucks location is under renovation in order to enhance customer service.

Keva Juice has since been moved away from campus to Las Brisas Pavilion, according to Keva Juice’s website.

“The new Starbucks will be completely different in restaurant design, customer service and in products offered,” JCSU director Chuck Price said.

According to Price, the new design of Starbucks will allow students to place mobile orders on their mobile phone apps and skip the line. Price also said this branch will now be entirely operated by the Starbucks Corporation.

Keva Juice opened on campus in January 2008, and was originally a popular establishment with students who sought healthier options on campus. Since the opening of the JCSU in 2007, establishments such as JC&C— affiliated with AT&T, Baja Fresh, Tahoe Creamery and countless others—have come and gone.

Along with changes happening at the JCSU, other projects on campus have begun to take effect to provide students with a  better campus experience.

Church Fine Arts Building and Manzanita Hall

The CFA will be expanding their arts building to host a new recital hall, art museum and soundproof rehearsal spaces and is expected to be done by late summer 2018. Manzanita Hall is receiving a structural renovation to better house students by summer 2019.

Future Construction

With current projects being constructed there are two projects that are in design. The Gateway District homes are being moved to make way for university expansion, including a new business building that will work alongside the Ansari Business Building. A start date has yet to be announced. The Chemistry and Leifson Physics Buildings will be updated to improve safety and modernize office spaces and classrooms, and construction is expected to commence the summer of 2019.

As construction takes place the university is advising that students and faculty follow posted signs, be cautious of construction equipment and any activity that may be taking place during the day.

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