A survey conducted by a strategic communications class concluded students at the University of Nevada, Reno, are unaware of who the Dean of Students is and what the Office of Student Services offers.

To inform university students about the functions of the Dean of Students and Office of Student Services, Dean of Students Kimberly Thomas is hosting “Meet Me” on Wednesday, Nov. 28 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the first floor of the Pennington Student Achievement Center to increase her presence on campus, meet students and teach .

“This event is centered on inclusion and the belief, ‘There’s enough shine to go around’ according to Dean Kimberly Thomas,” wrote Ana Poulsen, a university student in the advanced strategic communications class and Thomas’ publicist, in a press release. “It will give students an opportunity to meet and interact with the Dean while enjoying free food provided by food service donors on campus. Free stickers and buttons will be handed out and information about the Student Services Division will be provided.”

The purpose of holding the event is to inform students of the role of the Dean of Students and Office of Student Services, including what they can help students with.

“The Dean wants to reach students who aren’t normally engaged,” Poulsen wrote in a statement. “With recent Greek life controversies and student conduct issues, we want students across the board to know that Dean Thomas is their ally and her role is dedicated to helping students succeed.”

The strategic communication class conducted a survey to better understand how much of the student population is informed about the Dean of Students and the services their office provides. Overall, students did not know her role on campus.

Of 92 surveyed, only 4 percent were knowledgeable on the services offered by the Dean of Students’ office. 81.33 percent did not know any of the services offered and 14.67 percent answered that they “somewhat” knew the offered services.

Most students surveyed felt neutral about the Dean of Students, with 72.22 percent answering three on a scale of one to five, one being negative and five being positive. 4.17 percent chose a two, 6.94 percent chose a five and 16.67 chose a four on the scale. No student surveyed selected a one — the most negative ranking.

The Dean of Students and Office of Student Services supervises the following offices: New Student Initiatives, the Career Studio, the Office of Student Conduct, Student Persistence Research and Fraternity and Sorority Life.

“The University of Nevada Reno’s Dean of Students, Kim Thomas, is a resource to all students on campus,” Poulsen said. “She provides a variety of services to all university students including, but not limited to, new student initiatives, employment opportunities and counseling services.”

In addition to supervising various offices, Thomas assists in both personal and academic student success.

“The Dean of Students Office assists students with matters that impact student success,” Poulsen wrote in the press release. “The staff supports students dealing with academic and personal challenges in order to help students persist, belong, meet personal goals and graduate.”

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