There’s nothing more invigorating than waking up late on a Sunday morning, rolling out of bed and deciding that making breakfast is not going to happen. Instead, you can check out the myriad of breakfast and brunch spots Reno has to offer.  

Peg’s Glorified Ham n Eggs

Anybody looking for the place to get breakfast in Reno has to check out Peg’s.  It is the embodiment of American casual breakfast, with a variety of dishes that will satisfy any hungry person.  It also comes down to the quantity of food, no matter what you get you will have a massive assemble of delicious delights to take on.  The atmosphere of Peg’s is something of a rare find, you will walk in and instantly feel like you are friends with everyone. I have had more than a handful of tremendous conversations with people I normally would not have had, but something about Peg’s just brings out the good in people.  While they are known for the humongous Huevos Ranchero, the eggs benedict are something everyone needs to taste. I have yet to have a Monte Cristo like the one I had in the Blue Bayou at Disneyland, but Peg’s is the closest I have come to capturing that feeling of pure bliss.

Two Chicks

Right across the street from Great Full Gardens, Two Chicks has the classic diner feel but with a modern twist.  All the classics you want are there, plus some interesting options like the grain-free sweet potato pancakes. What Two Chicks does better than any other restaurant in town are their eggs, light and fluffy put packing with extreme flavor.  The Red Chick Scramble has everything you want for breakfast, packed with ham, mushrooms, spinach and some cream cheese to make it even more creamy. A major detractor for Two Chicks is sadly its popularity, as it is almost impossible to get a table if you have a party of more than two people.  If you can get a spot, you will not be sorry with whatever you get.

Lili’s Restaurant

Sometimes it is comforting to dig into a classic breakfast, and Lili’s Restaurant has that in droves.  The menu has everything a breakfast goer would want, ranging from omelets, Belgian waffles and biscuits and gravy.  What makes Lili’s stand out is the options provided for those with dietary restrictions. For those with a gluten intolerance, everything on the menu has gluten free options to replace for a small fee.  Dietary restrictions are becoming more and more of an issue, so a restaurant that meets these needs is a major plus. Lili’s also has a variety of Hispanic and Hawaiian dishes for those looking for a feeling of home.  Not only is the food amazing, but there is plenty of space to not feel too claustrophobic but still take a peek and see what the people around you are digging into.

Great Full Gardens

Located right at the entrance of midtown Reno, Great Full Gardens is a delightful option for those looking for out-of-the-box flavor.  What Great Full Gardens does best is taking what we see as the classic breakfast and weaving in different ingredients and flavors to really blow your socks off.  Whether it is a fruit omelet or an eggs benedict with the English muffins replaced with Liège waffles, there are so many interesting dishes to make each trip an opportunity to try something new.  One thing I generally want in a breakfast place is some room to breath, which is difficult at Great Full Gardens. It stands out more with how trendy the crowd is, when you are surrounded by half a dozen guys with twirly mustaches modeled after a roller coaster loop-de-loop.  

Daughters Cafe

One of the more avant-garde options for breakfast dining comes at a place you would not normally expect.  Daughters Cafe can be found on the corner of First and Bell, located inside of a small home. When you walk inside it is as if the home owners just removed all the furniture and replaced it with chairs and tables, even family photos still hang on the walls.  It feels bizarre at first, as if you are invading someone’s home, but soon enough it all settles with the warm and inviting atmosphere. The food feels very traditional English breakfast, with eggs, sausage, baked beans and some of the freshest fruit I have ever had.  Not only does it taste delicious, but it is also a mountain of food. For the price you pay it is easily two to three meals worth of food, which overall makes it worth it.

No matter where you end up, breakfast is an important meal and sometimes it deserves more effort than a granola bar or a rice cake hastily spread with peanut butter.  Whether it is a or a massive breakfast burrito or a simple omelet from Denny’s, it will be hard to go wrong in Reno.


Bailey MeCey can be reached at and on Twitter @bmecey.