Man proposals to his girlfriend.

Zane Mulligan/Flickr
A couple gets engaged under Christmas lights on Dec. 14, 2013. Holiday proposals are sweet, sincere and shouldn’t be judged based on how close they are to the holidays.

As we are coming out of the traditional holiday season, a lot of couples are celebrating their holiday engagements. Many people look down on holiday engagements because they believe that the engagement either takes away from the holiday itself or from the sincerity of the engagement. While a lot of people frown upon holiday engagements, they shouldn’t be hated.

Since when do people get to judge the time someone wants to make a lifelong commitment to someone else? Engagements are private and personal decisions where a couple chooses to be there for each other. Most people don’t take the opinion of others into account when they want to propose, and if they even think about others’ opinions – they probably don’t care.

According to Wedding Wire, over 40 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The holidays are romantic, so it’s no surprise that this number is so high. Emotions are heightened during the holidays and when you can spend that time with people you love, even that special someone, it can seem like the perfect time to pop the question.

Holiday proposals don’t deserve judgment. Just because a lot of people use the day to express their love doesn’t mean that their engagement is any less worthy. Holiday engagements aren’t cheesy or cliché, they’re as serious and full of love as any other engagement. People joke around how they would decline a holiday proposal just because of the date it happens on. This is ridiculous because those who are getting proposed to should care about the person and their feelings, not because of the date. There’s so much pressure that people have to navigate when getting engaged these days, the last thing they need to worry about is being judged.

With the increase in social media, people have become more judgmental over proposals, engagement rings and weddings. Social media is the place to showcase our best assets. Usually, we put on a show to make ourselves look better than we actually are. When big things in our life happen, we want to show it off the best way we can. Engagements are the beginning of forever, and each couple wants to show that the best way they can.

They want to take staged photos showing off their love, the ring or maybe even a video of the proposal. This couple has been waiting for the moment to show the world that they want to be together forever, and they deserve the proper time to be excited about their new venture. And the people who constantly judge couples for their engagements are the worst type of people.

We all have a personal view of love and how we want to be loved. When we take our own personal views and compare them to how other people express their love we are insulting people without even recognizing it. People express love in different ways, with their own special meaning that outsiders will never understand.

What might feel mediocre for one person, could be the engagement of someone else’s dreams. What might look like a horrendous engagement ring, could be someone’s late grandmother’s ring. The more we judge other people’s love and life against that of our own, the more we become horrible superficial versions of ourselves. Let people live the life they want, even if that includes an engagement on a popular holiday.

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