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An individual types data on their laptop on Aug. 23, 2013. MyNevada will experience a system outage on Wednesday, Sept 18 to upgrade its technology.

MyNevada 2.0 will receive a technical upgrade on Monday, Sept. 23 in order to have better navigation, efficient log-in and to be more mobile-friendly.

MyNevada 2.0 will experience a system outage from Wednesday, Sept 18 to Monday, Sept. 23.

“Current and prospective students, where now they may have to log in to MyNevada 2.0 several times and when they go back and forth, it’s not smooth,” said University of Nevada, Reno, registar Heather Turk. “It’s as smooth as we could make it and it’s functional, but it’s not a great experience.”

Because the second fee payment is due Monday, Sept. 23, Enrollment Services is expanding the payment due date to Wednesday, Sept. 25. Turk said no negative actions for missing the Sept. 23 deadline.

PeopleSoft Campus Solution is a student information system used for MyNevada 2.0. PeopleSoft does all transactions and stores all of the student data. 

For three years, Oracle, the company which controls PeopleSoft, planned to update the system from a 9.0 version to a 9.2 version. In December, Oracle will cut support for the 9.0 version. All institutions in the Nevada System of Higher Education use this system to share information about students and stay uniform with one another. There are three separate databases in PeopleSoft. The University of Nevada, Reno has one, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has another and the rest of the institutions in NSHE shares a final system.

“UNLV did their upgrade over Thanksgiving last year. We learned a lot from what they did. Our team went down to Las Vegas and spent a day and a half meeting with them and learning about their successes and struggles. Not everything is going to go flawlessly […] different things are going to break. When the system comes back up on that Monday, Sept. 23., clear your cache because your computer will look for the old system.”

MyNevada 2.0 will move towards a new functionality called Fluid. Fluid is a new navigation system, which provides homepages with tiles for what the student, faculty, administrators and staff need to do. Fluid also provides a different level of security to the system, which will be regularly updated.

“MyNevada 2.0 was a band-aid that was put into place to get us to where we are going to be with MyNevada, the PeopleSoft 9.2,” Turk said. “Students will know it as MyNevada.”

MyNevada 2.0 is a separate system, which uses OneCampus. The system has tiles but it points to the student information system rather than navigate within it. Students will now experience the PeopleSoft system directly. MyNevada and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions will combine, with the new upgrade.

The update is being carried out by the Office of Information Technology and Enrollment Services. Office of IT and Enrollment Services worked on this upgrade for approximately a year and a half in order to get the structure in place prior to the outage.

“When I describe this to people I describe the vision of: think about picking up your house and then moving it completely down the street, building a whole new foundation, putting the house down,” Turk said. “They have to reconnect all the plumbing, electrical and everything that broke along the way. It’s still the same house, it’s just on a completely different foundation.”

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