Purple promotional poster for a play. The words "Let the Right One In" in dark purple are written on the top, dates of showings are written on the left and times are written on the right. The ticket prices are written on the bottom half. Right in the middle, there is a graphic of a mouth with fangs and blood coming out. There are red blood splatters throughout the page.
Poster for “Let the Right One In.” Good Luck Macbeth’s adaptation of of this vampire love story will continue to show through Oct. 23-26.

In honor of the Halloween season enthusiasm many experience, local theater company, Good Luck Macbeth, have been showcasing their version of the production “Let the Right One In” throughout the entire month of October. Exploring the phenomenon of vampires, the play flips into a convincing and riveting love story—a refreshing departure from the typical themes of horror and thrill around this time. 

Since 2009, Good Luck Macbeth has been Reno’s spot for local theater productions. The non-profit company’s premise focuses on providing an accessible and affordable space for actors, artists, playwrights, poets, songwriters and singers to unleash their creativity. Celebrating its 11th season, the group has put together eight different showcases throughout the year including “Shakespeare In Love,” “The Wolves” and “Monessen Falls.” Ranging from comedies to dramas, they have something for every theater lover to cherish.

Based off of the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist and its proceeding Swedish film adaptation, “Let the Right One In” depicts the innocent bond shared between two outcasts—a human and a vampire. 

Oskar, a lonesome teenage boy who lives solely with his mother, struggles with being relentlessly bullied at school by two of his classmates. Oskar meets Eli, a young girl who has just moved in next door, and the two instantly connect—sharing mutual feelings of loneliness and abandonment. However, Eli has a complex secret life outside of her companionship with Eli—glueing her to the recent investigations of local killings in the woods.

Implementing the eerie atmosphere of the woods, the unassuming lighting and snow-covered setting added a depth to the production outside of the heartfelt story. It was everything a fall-winter themed play should look and feel like. Audience members could feel the gloominess within the inner worlds of Oskar and Eli as both battle with their magnitudinal worries.

With the simplicity of the somber setting and the love story amongst all the chaos in the plot, the props utilized in the performance added in the true Halloween gore. The blood-filled depictions of killings were very well executed and with the addition of blinking strobe lights, the environment switched from dreary to soul-stirring in an instant. 

The performances of all the characters—especially Oskar and Eli—seemed to be done with such ease as their obvious chemistry shined through. The packed crowd was engaged throughout the entire duration—providing the occasional gasps and awe. It did an exceptional job with transitioning back and forth from Eli’s hidden world as a blood-sucking vampire and Oskar’s school life—showing the similarities between two completely different lifestyles, which made the production even more compelling. 

“Let the Right One In” is the ideal romantic story for those who enjoy a seemingly odd twist to the normal narrative of love. It is both innocent and gruesome along with being relatable and disparate all at once. It is evident that the Good Luck Macbeth cast looked over every little detail to bring this dynamic love story to life—proving that it is a must see.

Good Luck Macbeth’s adaptation of “Let the Right One In” will continue to play through Oct. 23-26 at 7:30 p.m. For more information on current and future shows, please visit www.goodluckmacbeth.org.

Rylee Jackson can be reached at ryleejackson@sagebrush.unr.edu or on Twitter @rybyjackson.