Pack Center Logo/Nevada Sagebrush. Pack Center just released episode 96 Dec. 9 on to various podcasting platforms such as Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud.

The popular Nevada sports podcast, Pack Center, is set to become the official podcast of the Nevada Sagebrush Sports Desk. 

The move was done in an effort to strengthen the coverage of both the Nevada Sagebrush and Pack Center

Current host of the show, Austin Paschke, will be joining the Sagebrush as the new Sports Multimedia Editor. He will remain the host of Pack Center through the remainder of his time at the university.

“I am excited to join with the Nevada Sagebrush on the multimedia team and am eager to get started,” Paschke said. “I am also extremely excited to join Pack Center with the Sagebrush in a partnership that will allow Pack Center to flourish for years to come.”

Pack Center co-host, Tyler Seth, will also remain as the co-host through the end of the 2019-20 school year.