Ken Lund via Flickr Mackay Stadium as it stands on Nov. 30, 2013.

Mackay Stadium will undergo another round of renovations to correct ADA compliancy issues from a previous Mackay renovation project.

The University of Nevada, Reno will be renovating Mackay Stadium due to issues regarding incompliance with the American Disability Act.

A town hall was held to discuss these non-compliance issues at the Basin Street Club in Mackay Stadium on Thursday evening, Feb. 20. There, visitors to the stadium and other troubled spectators were given the opportunity to voice their concerns.

John Walsh, project manager for Nevada’s Planning and Construction department, was the main speaker at the event. He said the non-compliance issues they are having were due to “poor research.”

Walsh’s presentation detailed the changes that are set to be made to each side of the stadium seating. He commented that the biggest changes would come to the west side of Mackay.

The north side, the student section, will be given ten additional ADA compliant seats. 

The university will be adding two ADA seats on the south end of Mackay.

Another criticism brought up by a fan who was in attendance, is that there are few ADA compliant bathrooms on the west side of the stadium. Senior Associate AD, Ann Larson, did mention that there are ADA friendly portable restrooms in the West Stadium parking garage.

One major issue that was brought up during the town hall was issues regarding sightlines. Currently, there is a safety precaution bar that can block the view of people sitting in ADA seats. 

Section G on the west side was also tagged as a problem spot. When able-bodied fans stand up and cheer, it blocks the vision of those in ADA seating.

One fan mentioned his concerns about the lack of parking on the east side, making it a trek for disabled fans. 

Some solutions presented during the town hall included lowering the advertisement banners to help with visibility in the end zone, making ramps more ADA friendly, adding cup holders to ADA seats and making restrooms more accessible.

Ticket sales were also discussed, but prices will not be set until mid-March when the Mountain West Conference football schedule is released. 

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