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Buttigieg doing a Texas accent in Dallas is embarrassing

By Vincent Rendon

While campaigning for Joe Biden in Dallas before Super Tuesday, former nominee Pete Buttigieg dipped into a Texas accent. Buttigieg, decidedly, does not have a Texas accent. As a dual-citizen Texas-American, I found this deeply upsetting. Pandering to people is one thing, but pretending to have an accent to appeal to locals is just bizarre. For his transgressions, I nominate this folly be placed upon the pantheon of pandering, right next to “Pokemon Go to the polls.” Please, sign the Change.org petition to ban Buttigieg from Texas.

Wash your heckin hands.

By Madeleine Chinery

The coronavirus is causing panic all around the world. But there are a few easy solutions to prevent it. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face without washing your hands. If you think you are sick, self-quarantine until you feel better.  And wash your hands. If you are not washing your hands, go to heck.

For the sake of everyone who is fearful of getting coronavirus, please take care of yourselves. Above all, it should not take a virus to make you feel obliged to wash your hands. Always wash your hands. 

Chick-Fil-A Sauce = Overrated

By: Matt Hanifan

Listen, I’m just a sports guy. I’m not a professional sauce enthusiast. But neither are the majority of humans, so I am here to spew this take that some of you may find repulsive. As one of the few humans who hasn’t been to Chick-Fil-A an absurd amount of times in a lifetime, I decided to indulge myself in the eatery last week (for the first time in several years). The only chatter I’ve heard from other humans is the rave about this “special Chick-Fil-A sauce”. As a man of the people, curiously wanting to form my separate thoughts on the sauce, I decided to have it with my meal. I am a big pro-“telling it how I see it” guy. I will call a spade a spade, and my brain concluded that it was mediocre. I didn’t want to say it, but it was true. My taste buds were expecting much better. People won’t like to talk about, or read about it for that matter, but I just don’t think it was that “special.” I know some of you will have kerfuffles with this opinion, and that’s fine, but I will stand my ground with this chaotic, unpopular take.

Crocs are amazing, quit hating!

By Andrew Mendez

Pay attention, Crocs—the rubber shoe you keep hating on—is actually the best shoe you will own. Not only are they soft and comfy, but they are so versatile. 

You can wear them after a long day of walking, and your feet will be relaxed. 

One can wear Crocs when you go fishing. 

Crocs could also be used as shower shoes if you share a bathroom. 

You can also slide them on if you’re in a rush. 

They are, in a way, the superior shoe! 

Despite all the hate it gets, the Crocs twitter page has over 87 thousand followers. There is a community who understands the versatility and variety one can use/purchase.  

When one thinks of crocs, most usually will think of the basic model, the company actually makes boots, tennis shoes, and for those ladies out there , wedges and flats. 

Answer me this: why not choose comfort? 

Buy a pair of crocs and experience the joy yourself. 

CURL GANG deserves some more hype

By Sarah Strang

Local Reno band, CURL GANG, deserves way more hype than they are currently getting. If you’re into edgy lyrics, good production value and beats that absolutely slap, then listen to CURL GANG. The rap band’s music hasn’t failed to bring people together at a fun party with their hit “Suck My D*ck,” or motivating people who need some inspiration with their song “Change My Life.” CURL GANG is worth way more than people give them credit for.

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