The 12 zodiac signs floating in the sky on a wheel.

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The 12 zodiac signs floating in the sky on a wheel.

Starbrush is the Nevada Sagebrush’s column devoted to the interconnection between astrology and college life. 


Welcome to your first semester of college! Yes, everything around you is sick/on fire/bankrupt, but maybe your experience will be a tad better? Hopefully? We are all rooting for you. In fact, we’re rooting for you so hard that we’ve consulted with the stars to provide you with the advice you need to succeed based on your sun sign:


Aries ♈

It’s natural for you to want to jump head-first into things, but with a genuine danger in the air it can be foolish to be too bold. Instead of being reckless, be calculated—don’t go to a party during a pandemic, but maybe try being the brave person who speaks up during an awkward online class. You’ll be at your best when taking calculated risks. 



As a Taurus, you’ve probably noticed that your patience and determination have helped you handle things a little bit better than some of your less-steady friends in these uncertain times. Jumping into your first year of college, your patience will be rewarded. Don’t feel pressured to rush into things, and take your time to feel things out—it’s what you are best at. 



If you’re a Gemini, then you know the importance of finding friends FAST. After all, someone has to put up with you. This can be a bit challenging under current conditions, so you’ll need to put your cleverness to use. Coming up with novel ways to meet people should be your top priority. 



Are you leaving everything behind to start a brand new journey? You’re going to need some help. If you can’t find a way to truly sever your past from your future, you’re going to cling too hard to the comfortable and miss out on the new. 



Leos should try to get involved in campus culture early. With everything going on, opportunities to join clubs or other programs aren’t going to be shoved down your throat like in usual years. Instead, take time to dig around and find organizations to integrate yourself into. 



Relax. Seriously, just relax a little. That’s all. 



Libra freshmen should spend the next six months fully prepared for everything to be awkward. Trying to find ways to brush past the tense and uncomfortable moments and have a little fun are going to be crucial to your survival. 



Everything is either dark and dreary or full-blown chaos lately. As a Scorpio, you encapsulate the “full-blown chaos” concept fairly well. Your passion and energy can be of great use in times where things are dark and dreary, but you should tone it down in times of chaos. There’s no use being a firenado when there’s a literal firenado outside. 



Sagittarius people have a tendency to be overlooked. Don’t take it personally. Just be your normal self and focus on the things you came to college for. Eventually, people will start to take notice. 



If you can avoid it, don’t get a roommate. Not just for contagion reasons, but because you can be a grumpy jerk sometimes. It’s okay, you’re a lovely person, I’m sure. If you can’t avoid it, just make sure you’re being self aware and in touch with your mood. You don’t want to make enemies during your first year of school. 



The secret to university right now is that your professors probably hate the conditions they are in just as much, if not more, than you. Take the time to build good relations with them, and they’ll be more lenient. You’ll find it fulfilling to make some unlikely friends. 



Designate a crying corner in your room, it’s going to get ugly …


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