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Dunkin Donuts’ Pumpkin Iced Coffee ruined an entire season

Last year I wrote about the Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, a tasty beverage that ushered in Autumn early. This year, I kicked off September by trying the Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Iced Coffee. I have decided Fall is cancelled. This drink was so depressing that it has ruined an entire season for me before it’s technically even started. Once again, I am reaffirmed in my belief that no good things come from Boston. 

Thank gosh the NFL ended racism

Players from the Washington Football Team link arms before a game in a show of unity.

Flickr / All Pro Reals
Players from the Washington Football Team link arms before a game in a show of unity.

The National Football League started their season on Thursday in a bold way. No, I’m not talking about the smack-down the Kansas City Chiefs gave the Houston Texans. I’m talking about the NFL using their platform to make a huge and brave statement. “End racism.” Plastered on each end zone in size 16 font, this gesture will assuredly be the nail in the coffin for social issues in America. Thank you NFL. Of course, on the same field where the words were painted the players were booed during a moment of silence and act of unity. Maybe the fans couldn’t see the small print?

The Property Brothers were destined to be warrior kings

The stars of HGTV's show "Property Brothers" hold puppies during the World Dog Awards 2015

Flickr / Mingle Media TV
The stars of HGTV’s show “Property Brothers” hold puppies during the World Dog Awards 2015

Twitter user @BigTuscanDad posted a question: “Battle Royale between these famous pairs of brothers, Who you got?” The options were the Mario Brothers, the Einstein Brothers (of bagel fame), Nick and Joe Jonas (Kevin snubbed again, as deserved), and the Property Brothers. I think we all know the Property Brothers are winning that fight nine times out of ten. They are twin 6’4” pillars of strength who will rip the Jonas Brothers to shreds. 

I have long been convinced that the Property Brothers were destined to be great leaders in an ancient society. They were born 3,000 years too late. Drew would lead the people with his charisma, but Johnathan would be the real muscle behind the empire. If he can build a dining room, he can build a civilization. 

Media deserves a cool firefighter character 

A firefighter battles a blaze

Pixabay / Skeeze                                                        A firefighter battles a blaze

For far too long cops and doctors have held a monopoly on cool hero characters in TV and Movies. Law Enforcement has Colombo, Rick Grimes, Dale Cooper, Robocop, etc. Medical has Gregory House, Meredith Grey, and even J.D from “Scrubs”. Firefighters, meanwhile, have Kevin James in that-one-movie-where-he-played-a-fireman, John Cena in that-one-movie-where-he-played-a-fireman, and Bill Burr in that-one-movie-where-he-played-a-fireman. After seeing the absolute bravery put on display by firefighters across the west coast, maybe it’s time we had a cool TV firefighter on a show that doesn’t suck? Looking at you, “Chicago Fire”. 

Can you go an entire semester without buying a textbook?

I hate buying books for college. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but over three years of practice I have gotten pretty good at finding ways around it. In some cases, this means finding the book for free somewhere. In other cases, this means forgoing the book entirely and trying to find the information in other ways. It’s a lot of trouble, and at a certain point it might be worth it to just buy the book. Nevertheless, I persist, and this semester I am attempting my greatest challenge yet—not buying any books at all. I think I can do it. I’ve only had to use one bizarre Russian source to find a book so far, and there’s only one book I haven’t been able to get my hands on at all. My advice? A lot of the books you think you need to buy are available in the university library for free, sometimes even online. Some of your books are just collections of works from other people, of which those works can be found online too if you’re willing to look. Take the time, see if you can save yourself some money. 

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