Quim Vidal Mora taking a swing with large green course in front of him.

Photo courtesy of Nevada Athletics. Quim Vidal Mora takes a swing in the final round of the tournament.

The Nevada men’s golf team took second out of 21 teams in the Gene Miranda Invitational. The team competed at the Eisenhower Golf Course in Colorado Springs, Colo. on  Sept. 10-12

The first round of the invite was a mixed day for the Wolf Pack. The front nine was promising for the Pack, as the team was -4 before handicap. The effort was led by senior Peyton Callens, who, through four birdies and one bogey, shot 33 (-3) through nine. Senior A.J. Lintunen and junior Adam Thorp (35, -1), seniors Quim Vidal Mora (36, E) and Trey Davis (37, +1) all aided to the front nine finish.

However, the back nine was not so friendly to the men. After his -3 performance, Callens shot five bogies and one birdie, ending the back nine with a 40 (+4) and finishing the day with a 73 (+1). With the only person shooting in the negatives during the back nine being Davis (35, -1), the pack finished the day with a combined 290 (+2) after handicap, slotting them in fifth going into day two.

Round two was more positive for the men’s team. The team started on the back nine for the day, and they picked up right where they left off. Thorp shot a double bogey and two bogeys  on his back nine, posting a 40 for the half. Davis also had some opening struggles, producing four bogeys and two birdies on his way to a 38 in the back nine. Vidal Mora (two birdies, one bogey), Lintunen (two birdies, one bogey) and Callens (three birdies, two bogeys) all ended with a 35 to start.

Despite the setback, the program fought back in the front nine. Thorp did continue to struggle, posting two bogeys and finishing with a 38 in the front nine and 78 (+6) overall. However, after Thorpe, every other golfer ended their front nine with under-even result. Vidal Mora (two birdies, one bogey) and Lintunen (three birdies, two bogeys) both posted 35 front nines. Davis (two birdies) posted a 34 (-2) and Callens (three birdies) posted a 33. After handicap, the team combined for 280, finishing the day in fourth place with a -6.

The Wolf Pack continued their upward trend in the third and final round. The front nine was more of a mix for the golfers. Vidal Mora shot four birdies and one bogey, posting a 33 to start his day. Linunten (two birdies, one bogey) followed behind him with a 35. Both Thorp (one birdie, one double bogey) and Davis (one birdie, two bogeys) both started their days with a 37, and Callens (one birdie, three bogeys, one double bogey) tanked his overall score with a 40 (+4).

Just like the last two days, the back nine presented a challenge to the program. Both Vidal Mora and Lintunen (two birdies, one bogey each) finished their time with a 35. Thorp (one birdie, one bogey) ended with a 38, and Davis (one birdie, two boggeys) posted a 37 for the half. However, Callens continued to struggle, as he shot two bogeys and one double bogey, finishing off with a 40. After handicap, the team shot 285 (-3), which allowed them to place second to end the invitational.

The program now looks to the middle of the month, as they are set to compete in the Husky Invitational in Bremerton, Wash. on Sept. 20 and 21.


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