Ranch is by far the best condiment in the universe. You can dip burgers, pizza, wings, fries and so much more in this iconic condiment. It has a wonderful flavor and a pleasant texture. Although ranch is technically a dressing for salad, it is way more than just something you can use to dress up some greens.

A drawing of ranch in a grey holder with a halo over it and white wings around it. There is also mini yellow lines around it on a sky blue background.

Brooke Germain/The Nevada Sagebrush
Ranch is superior to all other condiments.

Not all condiments can do what ranch can do.  Ketchup doesn’t go on salads—I mean, unless you are into ketchup dressing. Ranch can be used on just about anything. It is versatile, which is something I look for as a broke college student. One bottle and a world of delicious meals ahead. 

Boring chicken? Ranch fixes it. 

Bland vegetables? Ranch fixes it.

Am I a ranch fanatic? Yes, I absolutely am. Now, maybe this is just me, but I think ranch works well even on sandwiches. It truly is perfect. It is creamy, thick and wonderful. 

For me, Hidden Valley is my go to ranch—the  homestyle version, of course. Hidden Valley has an amazing flavor. It’s never  overpowering, and I always want more of it. I love it on steak and potatoes and well … literally on just about everything. 

Hidden Valley actually has a service where you can customize a bottle of ranch for someone as a gift for only $15. Who doesn’t want their own ranch bottle? It is a perfect gift for a ranch lover on any type of occasion.

Nothing shows how much you care for someone like a custom ranch bottle with their name on it. They will cherish it forever. 

Luckily for me and all the ranch lovers out there, ranch is at almost every restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about not having any. 

My only issue with ranch is when you go to order it at a restaurant, you are not guaranteed a particular type of ranch. 

This can be risky business. 

You can luck out and get a delicious ranch that satisfies the craving  and enjoy the rest of your meal unbothered. But, there is always the possibility to get a ranch that doesn’t hit the spot quite right and that leaves you  to suffer. 

Regardless, I am always grateful for a little cup of ranch with my dinner. I am confident it can go on anything you could want it on. Ranch is the most versatile and delicious condiment out there. 

If you don’t like ranch, I feel bad for you. It is my favorite condiment, and I will die on that hill. 

Sydney Avery can be reached at sydneyavery@sagebrush.unr.edu or on Twitter @sydneyavery08.