The animated movie “The Addams Family 2” was just not good.

The film follows the iconic Addams family as Morticia and Gomez Addams deal with their growing estranged children and force them to bond with them in an uncomfortable family road trip.

Morticia and Gomez Addams, voiced by Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac, find themselves understandably saddened by their teenage children’s need for independence. The kids constantly skip family dinners and disregard family time as a whole, but the rebellion is particularly seen in their daughter, Wednesday Addams, voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz.

All of the main characters from the Addams Family against a green background with the title in the middle of the characters.

The “Addams Family 2” movie’s official poster.

Although they miss their daughter, there seems to be a bigger issue with her behavior, as she is constantly mentally and physically abusive to her entire family. The physical abuse is mainly directed at her brother Pugsley, voiced by Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton, as he is constantly being targeted. At one point, he is even thrown into the Niagara Falls and has knives thrown at him by Wednesday for her own enjoyment.

The despicable daughter even went out of her way to embarrass her brother in front of girls he was nervous to talk to. She also says unforgivable things about her parents throughout the film, including dictating they aren’t her real family every chance she gets.

Gomez feels a strain in his relationship with his daughter and has Uncle Fester, voiced by Nick Kroll, and the rest of the family drive across the country to visit Salem to see where girls were burnt at the stake for being witches—which Wednesday refers to as “#squadgoals.”

The family also plans on visiting Sleepy Hollow and Death Valley, but before they get started on their journey, they are stopped by a lawyer who claims their daughter Wednesday was not their biological daughter and is in fact his client’s daughter who was switched with theirs at birth.

They laugh off the lawyer’s claims, and Morticia and Gomez pile into the motorhome before Wednesday could catch wind of the conversation.

This is when the story begins to have too many plotlines.

Uncle Fester is driving this monstrous motorhome and all of a sudden gets possessed, and sees a sign for Niagara Falls, randomly detouring the vehicle in that direction.

This derails the trip and they end up at the Falls first instead. This is where Uncle Fester is mesmerized by the water and slowly turns into a squid.

Yes, you read correctly. He turns into a squid.

This subplot adds too much to the narrative and makes the story convoluted and uninteresting. The opening scene with credits gives us a hint to this detoured plot by showing a sequence of him in the lab, which is obviously a precursor to his transformation.

Although he totally changed their family vacation, Gomez does not get mad at him and hopes to barrel down the falls for fun. However, Gomez is still sad because he thought he disappointed Wednesday, who was very excited to visit Salem and see the historical sites which showcased where the witch trials occurred.

Even though Fester’s troubles could be an entire story on its own, the other plots are tied in roughly as the lawyer looking for Wednesday and other unknown men are chasing the family down. They spend most of the movie running away from them and eventually discover the man in charge of this was the man who wanted to work with Wednesday after she impressed her school at the science fair earlier in the film. This is also the man working on a project similar to what is plaguing Fester.

This movie is definitely creepy and has too many twists and turns which don’t follow each other until they are forced to scrape together a solution at the end of the movie.

The most interesting part of the story is when Uncle It, voiced by Snoop Dogg, comes into the movie for a short period of time during their vacation. He is a fan-favorite, always silly and adorable and by far the most interesting character to watch in this film.

The directors and writers definitely had a lot to work with in this timeless storyline, yet still made a very complicated and ultimately boring cartoon which tried too hard to be funny.

After witnessing this mess of a movie, the plot should be overall rendered completely unnecessary.  Everything somehow seemed to be okay after all the random conflict and the movie ended with a super forced cliche resolution which tied together random loose ends.

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