It isn’t shocking to hear Adele’s fourth studio album’s arrival shook the world with its highly anticipated release.

With expectations of a tone similar to the artists’ previous work, fans eagerly waited for midnight to hit on Nov. 19.

The artist Adele, posts with her right side profile face the camera against a blue background. Her hair is blonde and she is posing straight-faced with makeup on.

The official cover of Adele’s song “Easy On Me” as a teaser for her new album “30”.

Pressing play, Adele fans were greeted with the opening track “Strangers By Nature”, a tune inspired by Hollywood’s golden era. When listening, it is impossible to miss the heavy influence from past artists and soundscapes. Adele makes sure to lay the groundwork of the album in this track, the grandest change of all being the capture of dreams and reminiscence of previous traumas.

The next track, “Easy On Me” was the only single out before the album’s release. It’s perfectly structured verses and chorus is everything we’d expect from Adele and more.

Following “Easy on Me” is the captivating  track “My Little Love”, which showcases what Adele’s voice is like when surrounded by a beautiful, heavily soundstaged production. The track comes across as mellow and allows the audience to grow with it, immersing themselves in the environment each instrument creates.

The same can be said about “Cry Your Heart Out”, “Oh My God” and “Can I Get It”, all tracks which shock listeners and change their perspectives on the heartbreak singer. These tracks, though capturing love, heartbreak and the process of moving forward, are created with stunningly faster-paced productions filled with harmonies and effects. This type of sound is unexpected for Adele, but it is executed so brilliantly you can’t help but appreciate its creation.

“I Drink Wine” is a six minute wonder as Adele becomes just as vulnerable to the listener as she was with herself. It’s a track which is both unforgettable and relatable. Adele really proves with this track she is fully aware of the audience’s emotions and perspectives of the world and she can translate it into words in a very fashionable and catchy manner.

“All Night Parking” feels like a good middle piece—capturing a break in the album’s track list where the listener can catch a breath but also still keep themselves in the album’s environmental atmosphere.

By the time it ends, you feel a sense of rejuvenation and refreshment before dropping into “Woman Like Me” and “Hold On”, both tracks in which Adele reminds you of her lyricism. “Hold On” is a wonderful example of Adele’s intelligence in creating melodies, rich in taste and culture.

“To Be Loved” and “Love Is A Game” both compliment themselves in the conclusion of the album. They are compelling and present outcomes and perspectives in love and life to not forget, but rather learn from. Adele’s vocal presence in these songs is just as strong as ever and proves she deserves all of the wonderful praise she receives.

With an album expertly constructed and expressive of her recent divorce, Adele proves she has never lost her touch—rather, she can still bring more to the table with new sounds, brilliant ideas and stunning creations. With her Las Vegas residency just months away, many are extremely excited to hear and see what Adele can do to these songs on stage and how impactful each track will become with a live audience.

Gabe Kanae can be reached at or on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.