Photo by Rachel Jackson. Da’Ja Hamilton started the game off for Nevada with a couple of threes and layups in the first 13 points for the team.

At home on Feb. 12, Nevada women’s basketball faced the number two team in the Mountain West Conference, New Mexico. Nevada defeated them 77-70 with large leads in the first half.

The women started off strong with 13 points to the Lobos zero. Amaya West and Da’Ja Hamilton traded layups and threes in those first 13. Lexie Givens and Nia Alexander then got in on the action increasing Nevada’s lead by 14 points. Antonia Anderson on New Mexico got two layups in the last two minutes and Nevadas lead was brought down to 13 ending the period 24-11. 

Nevada did not stop there. Three pointers were easy for Nevada in the second period, making 75 percent. They also went 11-15 in field goals in this period. Nevada gained 25 points in the quarter and held the lead the whole time. Their largest lead was 24 points with two minutes left in the period. 

At half, Nevada was in the lead 49-26.

New Mexico came back into the third period with 10 points and Nevada was not able to get any. West put numbers on the scoreboard with three minutes left of the period after the Lobos had already got the Nevada lead down to 12.

The final three minutes were back-and-forth with each team gaining some points. Nevada had two fouls which gave the Lobos four points in free throws. Although Alexander and Alyssa Jimenez put points on the board to bring their lead back up to 14 points.

Hamilton started the final period off with a three. New Mexico improved their shots and had two three pointers of their own. Nevadas lead diimished when the number of fouls increased. The Lobos gained nine points from the charity line. Nevada had a total of eight points off of free throws but was unable to get many shots in between.

Nevada ended up winning 77-70 even though their lead swept down to seven points.

Hamilton led the Pack with 21 points and Lexie Givens was next up with 16. The women went 9-9 in free throws, 30-61 in field goals and 8-19 in three pointers.

Although Nevada defeated the number two Mountain West team, the women are still ranked third in the conference. Now 8-4 in conference, the Wolf Pack will face Fresno State for the second time on Feb. 14.


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