Photo by Louis Bubala. Jacob Stinson had five at bats. He had two ground outs, a fly out, an RBI walk, hit a single and a line drive out.

Two days and two games for Nevada baseball and down by one for both.

Nevada baseball was on the Greater Nevada Field with real dirt and grass–as compared to the turf field at Peccole Park. They faced Oregon State University, the number three ranked team of Division 1 NCAA Baseball.

Game 1

It was a quiet first two innings of the game, until OSU got six runs in the third. Five runs batted in (RBI’s) happened off of six hits and two were left on base. It started with a double to bring one run in and a single to bring in the second run. 

A single to center field scored the third run. The right side of the field got the action next, as a single allowed two runners to touch home. Nevada made a pitching change from Jacob Biesterfeld to Joshua Romero. One more run came in off on an RBI single to finish the inning 6-0.

Nevada had one hit in the bottom of the third, and OSU had four hits to start the fourth inning. Oregon scored five runs off of four hits to make the score 11-0. The Beavers had two RBI singles, a groundout RBI and a two run home run. 

The Wolf Pack did not want to stay at zero runs, so they put up two in the fifth inning. Braden Boisvert came in to pitch and Nevada got three hits off of him. Dario Gomez hit a single and scored later on from a wild pitch. Boisvert was taken out and David Grewe went to the mound. Tyler Bosetti hit an RBI single to make the score 2-11. 

Jacob Gebb replaced Romero as pitcher, and one run was scored. After two singles and a reach, bases were loaded and Gebb hit the batter for the run. OSU led 12-2. 

If the Beavers could score six runs in an inning, Nevada could score more. Sixth inning—nine runs. 

Two singles and a walk made the bases loaded. Matt Clayton flied out, but that gave enough time for the runner on third to score. Jaxon Woodhouse and Landon Wallace hit RBI singles to add on two more runs. A pitching change was made and Nevada was given two runs. The first two batters were hit and the third was walked, bringing in the easy two runs. Patrick Caulfield hit an RBI fly out, and Oregon had another pitching change made.

Photo by Louis Bubala. Tyler Bosetti stands in his ready position at third base as the sun starts to go down during the game.

Joshua Zamora stepped up to the plate, saw a ball and the next pitch was a home run to left center. His homer brought in two other runners and brought the Wolf Pack to a score of 11-12. Nine runs were scored off of six hits. 

Tyler Cochran was on the mound to start the seventh inning. Nevada did not allow OSU a run, but they did get one hit and two runners were left on base. 

Here is where a comeback made a change in lead.

Nevada added two runs in the seventh. The pitcher made an illegal movement, known as a balk, so each runner on base was awarded the next base. Cameron Jowaiszas, who was on third, walked his way to home plate for a free run. Bosetti then hit an RBI single, which made the score 13-12. 

Oregon State wanted to put up a fight and tied the game in the next inning off of an RBI single. 

The score tied at 13-13. 

The game ended up going into 11 innings. No runs were scored in the ninth or tenth. 

Oregon had first dibs on taking the lead, and that’s what they did. Tanner Smith hit a home run to left field and won the game for OSU 14-13. Nevada ended the game with a line drive out, ground out and a swinging strikeout. 

Game 2

Alejandro Murillo started pitching for game two against the Beavers. In the first inning, he only allowed one walk and one single. When Nevada came up to bat, they had a much better start compared to the first game.

Bosetti began the line up with a line out to third base and Jacob Stinson followed with a double to left field. Caulfield was the second runner to get on base after being hit by a pitch. The runners advanced to second and third when Zamora flied out to center. Gomez had an RBI single to get one run in, and Caulfield stole home. Nevada took the lead 2-0. 

The Beavers were not willing to let Nevada keep a two point lead, so they came back and scored one. Three singles in a row lead to the first run for OSU. Murillo struck out one looking batter, and the next grounded to shortstop for double play to end the inning. Nevada still led 2-1. 

Clayton began the hitting spree for the Wolf Pack in the second inning. He made contact to left field, but it resulted in a fly out. Woodhouse came up next with another great contact for a double down to left center. Ryan Jackson followed with a single when the left fielder dropped a fly ball. With runners on first and third, Bosetti flied out to right field, but Stinson followed with an RBI single. A third out came when Caulfield flied out to center and ended the inning 3-1. 

A fly out started the third inning for the Beavers, along with a batter hit by a pitch. A line drive by Travis Bazzana was hit just over Zamora’s head for a double. Runners were now on second and third and Greg Fuchs doubled to the wall of left field for a two run RBI. The game became tied at three. Left handed pitcher Boon Fay came into pitch for Murillo once the bases were loaded. Two batters reached but the defense got the last two outs.

All of the Nevada offense made contact with the ball, although no runs were scored. Zamora and Clayton both flied out, and Wallace grounded out. Gomez hit a double for the only Nevada hit and was left on base. 

It was a quick three outs for OSU in the fourth inning. The first batter lined out and the next, Justin Boyd, got a single. Squatted down behind home plate, Clayton caught Boyd attempting to steal second. However, Clayton threw Boyd out with a quick grab out of the glove and a perfect throw. A third out was made on a fly out. 

Woodhouse had his first strikeout of the game for the Wolf Pack. Jackson was up next and hit a double down the left field line. He was able to make it home after an RBI single by Bosetti. Stinson popped up to third base for the second out. Caulfield’s hit went over second base for a single and moved Bosetti to second base. The third out was made off of a grounder to third base by Zamora. Nevada took the lead back 4-3. 

Fay struggled in the fifth inning. He allowed one hit and three walks, letting OSU gain a run and tie the game at four. Next were two fly outs, but the second turned out to be a one run RBI. Two runners touched home on a double to left field. The Beavers took the lead 7-4. Bases were loaded again, but Stinson caught a fly ball in left field to end the inning.

After OSU’s four runs, Nevada unfortunately had a quick three outs on offense. Gomez and Wallace both had swinging strikeouts and Clayton flied out to left field. 

The Wolf Pack made a pitching change in the sixth, left handed Russell Hicks for Fay. Oregon gained one run off of an RBI single, making the score 8-4. Nevada had more contact with the ball since the Beavers put in Brock Townsend to pitch for Jaren Hunter. Woodhouse and Jackson got singles, Bosetti grounded out, Stinson walked and both Caulfield and Zamora flied out. No runs were scored, but the Wolf Pack had two hits and three left on base. 

Nevada made it a short inning in the seventh. After getting the first batter out on a ground out, they made a double play on another grounder. Back up to bat, Gomez grounded out, and Wallace singled to the right side. He advanced to second on a failed pickoff attempt while Clayton was up to bat. Clayton was wearing out the pitcher’s arm after hitting multiple foul balls. He finally got one in fair grounds to second base but was unable to beat the throw. 

After a few scoreless innings from Nevada, they made a comeback in the eighth. Jackson and Stinson both hit singles and Bosetti struck out before Oregon State made a pitching change. Mitchell Verburg went in to pitch for Townsend and the Wolf Pack liked his arm. Caulfield hit a double and one runner touched home. Zamora copied that but brought in two runs. Finally, Gomez had an RBI single to tie the game 8-8. 

The Beavers had to one-up Nevada in the final inning, though. A double to left center put one runner on base for OSU, and he stole third on a wild pitch. Next, a fly ball to left field gave enough time for the runner on third to touch home. Nevada was down 8-9. There were some big hits from the home team in the bottom but they were all caught. Stinson was the only one with a hit and was left on base. 

Being these games were against the No. 3 ranked team in the division, Nevada fought hard to make them close games. The men are now ranked 11-12 overall and will return to conference play this weekend. 

On April 1 to 3, the Wolf Pack will face San Diego State at home. SDSU is 5-19 overall and 0-9 in conference play. 


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