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By Anneliese Hucal
In the modern world, our conversations often start with one of two things: a momentous occurrence we witnessed, or one that was documented by another person via social media. Tragically, almost all of the interactions on social media websites have a tendency to turn rather nasty after a certain point.

We see peoples’ life choices and experiences being carelessly bludgeoned by the fingertips of others, and while at first glance we can be rather shocked by the matter, it has slowly morphed into a social and cultural norm. Locally based website has been targeted by that negative pattern, and is fighting to change that. Marketed as a “creative community,” Bohocrush lives up to its name by exhibiting qualities that exemplify the mashup of the terms bohemianism and crush.

The boho community embraces the practice of an unconventional lifestyle with a community of like-minded individuals, all who are deeply involved in their respective artistic, literary and musical pursuits. Upon first exploring the website, one is given a quick photo tour.

You see glimpses of girls smiling coyly at the camera, a couple kissing in the shower through a blanket of steam, beautiful lady clowns erotically tied and tattooed men with dreadlocks and facial piercings. While it is easy for the average person to write off this description as pornographic, there is nothing tasteless about it.

The general vibe of kink-meets-ink becomes evident as you see both beautiful photography and intelligent statements about the general goals of the community. Bohocrush cofounder and president Georgette Crush described the site’s mission to create a place where people can participate as their unique selves, share in inspirations, love, kindness, curiosities, express their kinky sides and enjoy living and creating.

“It’s beautiful to watch as people join and slowly start to climb out of their shells,” Crush said. “I love watching how at first they hang back and silently observe and learn from those around them, and then they take that dive and talk to some- one. All of a sudden they are everywhere. It’s a really great feeling to watch them bloom and start to embrace their own sexual and artistic selves.”


Background photo by Juliana Bledsoe / Nevada Sagebrush, website logo courtesy of

After creating an account, which has a $24 annual fee, with the site, one can browse for new connections as well as already established ones by age, country, zip code and keywords.

This allows for members to find others with their respective interests, both sexual and intellectual, and to share thoughts and conversations with them publicly or privately.

This means that the site can serve as a place to find both friends and lovers.

Unlike Facebook, which has only recently implemented the ability for its users to select from a multitude of gender options, Bohocrush has always been this way — it allows its many users to choose between 10 different genders, if they so choose to label themselves at all.

While the community is Reno-based, its approximately 3,870 members flock to its website from all over the world.
Bohocrush user Mr.G, an up and coming Australian photographer, has been a member of the Bohocrush community since 2011. “This community provides an outlet for those of us that think kink,” Mr.G said.

“I love the community and all of the minds who are involved.” Mr.G’s photography has been featured in many boho galleries. Bohocrush features a special section that acts as a cyber art gallery.

Unlike other social networking sites, one will not see hateful language in comment feeds on these posts, or flags for “adult content”. With a site like Bohocrush, one can nurture that passion- ate, slightly off kilter side, and let “the electronic freak flag fly.” Dr.D, a local editor who has worked closely with Crush for years, is also active on Bohocrush.

He described Crush and her partner, Shone, as “very good at encouraging other people to participate with their world, while still communicating the boundaries of this world.”

Those boundaries include customized privacy settings, no annoying ads and the cardinal rule of the boho community: no hate. By being selective as to who is let into this world of Bohocrush, Crush and Shone can watch the nurturing and inspiring community thrive. This is not a place where you will see angry or ignorant people who aspire to offend.

This is a place where the Internet can bring many different tastes into close proximity so that they can serve as a catalyst for better connections and communication of the masses. “It’s a hell of a lot like Burning Man, but all year round and at your fingertips,” says local artist and Bohocrush user Molly, who has been a member of the website for about a year.

“It feels like I can say what I want, and not worry about being called names or made to feel badly for my true self. It’s refreshing.” In a culture where our collective social dialogue has become poisonous and bitter, Bohocrush is a breath of fresh- and-clean Internet air.

Unlike other social media creations of the past, the people involved in the boho community can take off their masks of socially acceptable behavior and embrace their inner bohemian, without fear of backlash. This is a space where all people from all walks of life are family. is a place where art, sex and sustainability are the lifeblood and energy fueling every delicious moment, and all are welcome to come and play.

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