Staff Report

The University of Nevada, Reno’s Joe Crowley Student Union hosted a diversity talk focusing on the professional world on Wednesday, March 25.

Paul Mitchell, professor and recruiting and retention coordinator, Mary Stewart, professor and director of social research and justice services and Justin Gifford, assistant professor for the Department of English all spoke at the event. Each speaker discussed their experiences regarding diversity, such as Mitchell explaining his challenges and achievements as an African-American male and Stewart describing her involvements in the world of feminism.

Students and other members of the university attended the talk, and multiple spoke out once the speakers concluded relating their experiences. Some detailed personal struggles regarding their race or gender, received parallel responses from the speakers.

Comments from the audience ranged from personal questions to expressions of gratitude. The audience asked Gifford how he has grown to handle hateful or negative comments directed towards him, in which he responded that therapy has assisted him in learning to react in a nonviolent way.

Stewart was questioned on her ability to overcome what has been expected of her as a white female in the past, to which she replied that with the support of others, she became able to combat violence against women along with pursuing her interests in other areas of feminism.

The talk was concluded with an agreement among the three speakers and the audience that although society is compiled of individuals of difference, recognizing those differences, and then accepting them is what will continue to create an alliance consisting of characters from all walks of life.

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