By Maddison Cervantes

Public Comment

Associated Students of the University of Nevada President Caden Fabbi discussed about his progress in office thus far.

Fabbi explained that he and ASUN Vice President Jessica Salsman had been interviewing potential members of the executive board throughout last week, preparing for the appointments of their elected officials.

Near the end of the meeting, Fabbi presented and submitted the current ASUN budget to the senators. The budget was immediately referred to the Committee on Budget and Finance.

Fabbi stated that he would also present the senate with the budget justifications including the necessary information and data for the senators’ knowledge related to the budget. The justifications were presented on Monday, April 27.

As Fabbi announced he would during the meeting, he met with the Board of Regents on Friday, April 24 to voice ASUN’s positions on various bills based on resolutions made in the previous session. Fabbi stated that he would also discuss other subjects with the Board in which he found necessary for ASUN to take a stance on.

ASUN Officials Appointments

After Sen. Emeritus Raina Benford’s presentation on what the senate can expect from her if appointed to the office of Chief of Staff, Sen. Thomas Green of the College of Education voiced concerns of a conflict of interest.

Benford and Fabbi are longtime friends and current roommates. As a result, some of the senators were originally hesitant about appointing Benford.

Green claimed that to ensure ASUN’s integrity, Benford should not be assigned the position due to how it could possibly be perceived by constituents as a conflict of interest.

Sen. Brandon Boone of the College of Business argued that while he did initially have concerns with Benford’s office due to her relationship with Fabbi, after hearing her presentation, he realized that she is the most qualified individual on campus and believes her to be right for the position.

Newly-elected Attorney General Ryan Hood agreed with Boone, along with Fabbi who voiced his opinion on the matter. Fabbi claimed that ASUN’s integrity would be further in question if he were to hire someone unqualified, as as he believed the other applicants to be.

Moreover, Fabbi stated that regardless of whether or not he had Benford as a roommate, she would have been appointed.

Benford was appointed by the Senate to the office of Chief of Staff with a vote of 18-1.

The other appointees included:

Office of Director of Legislative Affairs:

Marissa Crook

Office of Director of Blue Crew: Drake Sacenti

Office of Chief Justice:

Kenneth Brooke

Office of Director of Clubs and Organizations:

Ian Stewart

Office of Director of


Tazia Statucki

Office of Attorney General:

Ryan Hood

Office of Director of Campus and Public Relations:

Ryan Suppe

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