By Noelle Crooks

We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “Good grades, sleep, or a social life? Pick two.” This fall semester, you don’t have to. Harness the power of your smartphone this fall semester with 10 apps that will transform your phone from a time waster to a time saver. Now you can conquer all three and still have time to binge-watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix.

Clear — This is a simple app that allows you to organize your various tasks and sync them with other devices. From picking up groceries to studying for a final, you can create a color-coded to-do list at your fingertips. Done with a task? Just swipe right and proceed to pat yourself on the back.

iStudiezPro — Manage your homework, schedule and grades all in one place. It’s difficult to keep track of what time you have lecture, group assignments and when your science lab is due, but this app can help you organize it with one simple calendar. Upload your schedule and when you have assignments and enjoy the “today view” that lists everything you have going on that day. The best part is, you can sync it to all your iOS devices! 

Venmo — You’re eating dinner with friends and then suddenly you’re forced to face the inevitable: splitting the bill. Fear no more because with this easy money-transferring app you can split bills with one touch. Simply create an account and add in your bank account information to transfer money into your friends’ bank accounts with the press of a button.

Freedom — Do you find yourself at the library for hours and all you’ve accomplished is successfully scrolling through your news feed? Then this is the app for you. Say goodbye to Facebook distractions getting in the way of studying by testing your self-control with Freedom. By allowing you to block the Internet you can regain productivity without the distraction of social media apps. With Freedom, you can now focus on the task at hand, instead of how many likes your last Instagram pic got.

MyFitnessPal — Scared of gaining the freshman 15? Download this app to track your diet, exercise and overall health. With an easy calorie tracker, you can quickly see how many calories you need to burn versus how many you should consume. An added bonus: you can scan any food barcode and instantly retrieve the nutrition information.

Intellidrink — Avoid embarrassing Snapchats and horrible hangovers because it’s easy to drink responsibly with Intellidrink. This app allows those who are 21 and over to track their blood alcohol concentration level with an easy-to-read graph. This app allows you to track your levels along with your friends’ simultaneously and can let you set limits for yourself before you go out.

Watch Over Me — Since moving away from home can be scary, be prepared with this personal safety app. If you’re going to downtown at night or simply walking to your car after class, this app can help give you peace of mind. Schedule the app to watch over you for a specific amount of time, upload emergency contacts that alert you when you don’t check in safely and even create an emergency alarm when shaken.

Noelle Crooks can be reached at and on Twitter @noellecrooks.