By Amanda Bradrick

It’s national coffee month, and the coffee shops on campus are warming up their espresso machines. With this in mind, it is important to know what the hottest coffee spots will be not just for this month, but for the rest of the school year.

There are a variety of coffee shops scattered throughout UNR. From the ever-popular Starbucks to small stands hidden behind campus buildings, there is something for every coffee enthusiast.

The Nevada Sagebrush asked ASUN president Caden Fabbi and ASUN vice president Jessica Salsman to participate in a blind taste test consisting of coffee samples from three campus coffee suppliers. The contributors included Starbucks, located in the Joe Crowley Student Union, Bytes, located on the first floor of the Knowledge Center and The Overlook, located next to Manzanita Lake.

As ASUN president, Fabbi has extremely busy days. He attributes his most productive days to the coffee that he claims to enjoy when he needs a full day of energy.

As for his favorite morning pit stop, Fabbi says it’s Starbucks or nothing.

“I’ve never really strayed from getting my usual Starbucks on the rare occasion that I do buy coffee, but when I do it’s always a small iced vanilla or caramel coffee,” Fabbi said. “That’s my thing, even in the winter that’s what I always get.”

For many other busy students, coffee shops on campus are used to meet up for casual hang out or an important meeting. Fabbi says that Starbucks is a central location for meetings.

Salsman agrees that Starbucks has the perfect atmosphere for meeting with people and getting work done. Along with countless other students, Salsman claims that finals season is prime coffee drinking time.

When asked where her favorite campus coffee spot is Salsman raved about Jolt-N-Java, a coffee stand located outside the northeast corner of the Thompson Building.

“I guess I’m more of a convenience person,” Salsman said. “Jolt-N-Java is right by where all my classes are [and] I also like the taste. It’s a quick and easy stop for me.”

Salsman’s drink of choice is traditional black coffee which is easy on the bank as well as on time. When she wants something with a little more flair, Salsman decides between one of her many favorite coffee concoctions: hazelnut, chai latte and lemon chiffon.

Everybody has a favorite coffee shop whether it’s a spot on campus or somewhere off the beaten path. When it came time for the taste test this presidential team challenged their taste buds.

Salsman went first and was separated from Fabbi to ensure that their answers couldn’t be swayed by each other’s reactions.

Salsman first tried Bytes’ Coffee, then Starbucks and finally The Overlook’s blend. Salsman’s verdict surprised her after tasting each and discovering their brand names. Despite her taste buds being accustomed to Jolt-N-Java, Salsman noted that the Starbucks sample had a delightful kick to it.

Fabbi found Starbucks to be the better-tasting option as well; however, he found this odd.

“I know I usually go to Starbucks for my coffee, but I’m surprised by how much stronger tasting it is compared to the other two,” Fabbi said. “I always thought that Starbucks was just average coffee, but it tastes a lot better than these two.”

According to the ASUN presidents, Starbucks and Jolt-N-Java are in close competition for title of best coffee on campus.

Now you know the preferences of the ASUN presidential duo, but with so many options there is sure to be a place for every caffeine-loving student. The start of the new semester is an opportunity to break out of the typical morning routine and try out a new spot. It might just be the start of something great.

Amanda Bradrick can be reached at or on Twitter