Breanna Denney /Nevada Sagebrush Students of the University of Nevada, Reno pass a campaign sign for candidate Royce Feuer in Hilliard Plaza on Monday, Feb. 23. Feuer, a presidential candidate for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada has made it apparent that he does not want the student body vote for him.

Breanna Denney /Nevada Sagebrush
Students of the University of Nevada, Reno pass a campaign sign for candidate Royce Feuer in Hilliard Plaza on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. Signs for this year’s campaign will appear on Wednesday as the campaign process officially begins.

With the chilly arrival of February, the 83rd session of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada continues to draw steadily to a close. As such, ASUN election season has emerged from its annual hibernation as the election filing period officially closed last Friday. Now a record 50 candidates are set to hit the proverbial campaign trail on Wednesday in their effort to win one of 22 senate seats or a spot in the executive board as either president or vice president.

Between Feb. 23 and 25, candidates from all the colleges on campus will face off in senatorial debates while the executive board candidates meet for their own debate on March 1. Those debates are immediately followed by the primary election on March 2 and 3, which will narrow down the field for the general election on March 9 and 10. Receptions will be held following both elections to announce the winning candidates.

Voting for each election will be available online through WebCampus, or in person in the Blue Fish Bowl on the second floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union.

“I’m so excited,” said Dalton Mack, ASUN’s elections chair. “[The number of candidates] surpassed the goal I had; it’s great to see that students are getting involved.”

Mack also hopes that the record number of candidates will help boost turnout as well. His goal this year is 25 percent, 6 percent greater than last year’s relatively massive turnout of 19 percent.

Below are the candidates for each position, with senatorial candidates presented in the order they will appear in the debate schedule. Candidates for executive board positions will also include their current position within ASUN, if any.

Presidential Candidates

  • Brandon Boone, senator for the College of Business
  • Millie Carro, senator for the College of Education and senate speaker pro tempore
  • Marissa Crook, director of Legislative Affairs
  • Marquis Lawson

Vice Presidential Candidates

  • Austin Mathias, senator for the Division of Health Sciences
  • Jacob Springmeyer, deputy chief of staff

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (two available seats)

  • Lucas Bishop
  • Brittany Blair
  • Carissa Bradley
  • Makayla Ragnone
  • Tim Stone

College of Education (one available seat)

  • Alberto Garcia
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Jason Littleford

College of Business (three available seats)

  • Jacob Chaparian
  • Margaret Duvall
  • Cheril Gabbidon
  • Trenton Jackson
  • Nima Jafarkhani
  • Haider Rafique
  • Hayden Smith
  • Noah Teixeira

Division of Health Services (three available seats)

  • Mireya Ambriz
  • Veronica Charles
  • Haydon Cook
  • Dahlia Henderson
  • Brennan Jordan

College of Liberal Arts (four available seats)

  • Sasha Bond
  • Keely Eshenbaugh
  • Dennis Green
  • Katie Lou Hickman
  • Zachary Jacoby
  • Nathalia Luna
  • Jose Marroquin
  • Stephan Page
  • Brandon Rusk

College of Engineering (three available seats)

  • Alex Crupi
  • Neil Dodds
  • Ali Olivia
  • John Urquidi

Interdisciplinary Programs (two available seats)

  • Donovan Kohler
  • Robert Lovern IV

Colleges of Science (three available seats)

  • Luis Barragan
  • Kyle Feng
  • David Kassisieh
  • Paul Macaballug
  • Deanna Page

Reynold’s School of Journalism (one available seat)

  • Noelle Crooks
  • Jordan Dynes

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