STOCK UP:Aqib Talib

What would you do after winning the Super Bowl and shutting down the most potent offense in the NFL? We know what Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib would do. During the postgame news conference Talib looks at his wife midquestion and says, “You’re looking gorgeous, baby. We’re getting it in tonight.” First, the melons on this dude! I wish everyone in sports was this blunt during news conferences. Second, Talib just spent the entire game basically acting like a crazy person, which resulted in both a personal foul and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and he just shrugs it off. Third, after playing in the Super Bowl for four hours, he has the strength and energy to have sex? It must be good to be the champ.

STOCK down: Brian Polian

It’s hard sometimes for those of the older generation to get the swing of new technology, and Nevada head coach Brian Polian is no exception. The day before national signing day Polian set the Twitterverse on fire with an accidental tweet he meant to be a direct message to an unknown recruit. “Be careful,” Polian wrote. “I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some guys say he is a bad guy and coaches can’t stand him. ASU is a fun place but a very average ed … ”

I’m not going to go into how ASU’s journalism program is so good it’s named after Walter Cronkite. Instead, I’m more concerned with Polian’s lack of Twitter skills. Someone needs to teach him how to slide into someone’s DMs properly. We’ve all accidentally sent a message to someone who wasn’t supposed to get it, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Can Don Jackson or someone on the team who’s good with social media teach Polian how to slide into DMs like a gentleman please?

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