The Associated Students of the University of Nevada’s Department of Legislative Affairs kicks off Rock the Vote week beginning Monday. Rock the Vote is a weeklong event with activities aimed at registering students to vote and signing up students for TurboVote, a service that provides reminders and information about the upcoming election. The week will include music, speakers and food from local food trucks.


Department of Legislative Affairs gets new Assistant Director

The 84th ASUN Session started off its meeting Wednesday with the resignation of Grace Miller, the assistant director of legislative affairs. In her letter to Director Veronica Charles, Miller said she did not think she could continue to service the department with her busy schedule. Miller said she did not want the Department of Legislative Affairs to suffer from her lack of availability to work on projects and to dedicate time to the department.

The Department of Legislative Affairs quickly submitted the nomination of Kyle Sharp to be the new assistant director of legislative affairs. Sharp currently serves as projects director in the Department of Legislative Affairs. Sharp knows the ins and outs of the department, Charles said, and she trusts that he would be able to take her place if she was unable to make a meeting.

In his speech, Sharp mentioned the ASUN interns and his desire to work with them by helping them develop the skills necessary for transitioning into the positions under which they are interning. Sharp sees the development of interns as a way to help the department grow stronger each semester. Sharp laid out his plan to give the interns their own event to work on. He will oversee the event, but the interns will be in charge of all aspects of the event so that the final project would be their own.

Sharp also plans to oversee the department and be sure they are prepared to pass legislation that positively impacts the University of Nevada, Reno, and its students.

“I am going to make sure  that everyone working under me in the department is doing their part, and I am going to be there if they need help. I want to make sure the department continues in the right direction,” Sharp said.

As projects director, Sharp started the Wolf Pack Smart Talks campaign to educate students on current events.

The senate was impressed with Sharp’s experience and impact in the department.

In a unanimous vote, Sharp was appointed to the position of assistant director of legislative affairs.

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