Henry MacDiarmid/Nevada Sagebrush
A University of Nevada, Reno, police services patrol car sits outside the Fitzgerald Student Services Center on Monday, Oct. 26, 2015. UNR police has been roiled in the past month by two separate diversity-related incidents.

The University of Nevada, Reno has completed its investigation into a September traffic stop where a university police officer joked about shooting graduate student Kevin McReynolds, who is black. The university says “appropriate steps” have been made, but the exact results of the investigation will remain secret due to state confidentiality rules, according to a letter sent to students by President Marc Johnson Thursday afternoon.

The investigation was conducted by the university police services’ internal affairs and by the school’s Equal Opportunity and Title IX office. The officer who made the comment, Adam Wilson, was put on administrative leave shortly after the incident.

In his letter, Johnson acknowledged the frustration expressed by students in the weeks after the incident. That includes McReynolds, who released a statement late last month calling on the university to do more to prioritize diversity.

“Given what has been happening in our country, I can understand why some might feel that official statements denouncing hateful words and actions are not enough,” Johnson said. “We’ve had many conversations, meetings and workshops this semester to address these events and the impact they’ve had on our campus. We will continue to hire the most diverse faculty we can, to bring the campus together for thoughtful, meaningful dialogue on the subjects of diversity and inclusion, and continue to hold trainings and workshops so that we can all better understand each other in the workplace and in the classroom.”

The traffic stop involving McReynolds has been just one of a series of diversity-related incidents this semester, and was the first of two incidents that directly involved university police services in the span of a single month. That later episode, in which an officer dressed as a caricature of Colin Kaepernick, did not result in any administrative action.

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