Todd Renwick addresses campus safety concerns and hate crimes

Chief of University Police Services, Todd Renwick, addressed the Senate on the importance of campus safety. Twice a month, Police Services will meet with ASUN to hear concerns of students and provide information. Additionally, they have launched a “brown bag” lunch program where they will invite members from clubs, organizations and the Senate to the department to discuss and address concerns. Renwick said the goal is to create a dialogue with the students to create clear communication of issues on campus.

Renwick said that the campus crime rates right now are relatively low but stressed the importance of property security. He encouraged students to lock up possessions, be aware of their surroundings and prioritize safety.

In response to a question regarding the swastika found in Wolf Pack Tower, Renwick said that there are no plans to install security cameras in the stairwells where the vandalism was found. The current cameras that are installed were already there from El Dorado’s construction. According to Renwick, the investigation of the most recent swastika found is at a standstill. 

Renwick said that police services are trying to be responsive to hate crimes occurring on campus and to those who are being targeted. He encouraged students to speak up if they see acts of hate or bias.

Senate approves student media internship

Dominique Hall presented the student media internship to the senate, which is modeled directly after the ASUN student internship. Hall said each staff member of Insight magazine and Brushfire Literature journal will be getting interns to shadow them and gain experience. Prior to the creation of the student media internship, every department of ASUN had a student internship program except for student media.

Senate members had concerns regarding the technicalities of the internship, but the legislation approved the creation of the student media internship program for Insight Magazine and Brushfire Literature Arts Journal that will be under the discretion of the ASUN student media advisory board.

Resolution to Amend ASUN Club Membership passed

Director Florence gave an explanation of the new act to amend ASUN club membership on campus. He said the amendment requires that members of clubs must be students enrolled in at least one credit at the university. Florence said that the students won’t feel an impact from the act but it will limit people from the community joining. It will ensure that student fees go back to students and resources that ASUN provides is limited to students. According to Florence, the act will help protect the university.

The resolution to enact to amend ASUN club membership was passed unanimously. 

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