Associate Vice President Nash introduces himself to senators, speaks on Student Conduct amid pandemic

Associate Vice President for Student Life Services Romando Nash spoke to senators about his background and role at the university. While answering questions from senators and directors, Nash said if the Office of Student Conduct was notified by their anonymous form of an off campus party, they would reach out to the individual in question before deciding punishment. Nash said he has sent such emails out since the start of the semester. 

Nash has been in the position since March 2019. 

University of Police Services Chief shares diversity training for force

Chief of University Police Services Todd Renwick spoke to the Senate about the diversity training his force receives. He also shared that his officers conform to the police practices suggested under by #8CantWait campaign, a list of eight practices for police departments that would decrease police violence. Renwick also shared that the force has partnered with the School of Social Work, with two interns at the school training officers in dealing with the mentally ill. Additionally, three command staff personnel are taking the “Structural Oppression” course at the school this fall. 

Director of Programming announces departure from position 

Director of Event Programming Wes Fullmer announced that he had been let go from his position on Wednesday afternoon. He shared that he had met with President Hall and Vice President Brown on August 29 discussing concerns they had received from programmers in his department and how he could improve. 

“For years ASUN has been coined a classroom. I feel that leadership within this association did not provide any assistance to me to improve as a leader. Not only was guidance not offered, but I wasn’t even given time to improve and grow as a leader,” said Fullmer. “I accept the responsibility of having a failure in guiding my programming team and as a leader.”

Fullmer shared in an email to the Nevada Sagebrush that he wishes the best for the Association for the rest of the semester and year. 


President Hall shares openings in the Department of Programming

Hall shared that she will no longer be moderating the student forums with the UNR presidential search finalists because she sits on the ad hoc committee for the NSHE Board of Regents. Instead, Director of Campus Wellness Parker Samuelson and Chief Justice Paulina Pride will moderate the student forums held on Sept. 14 and 15. 

Hall also spoke in regards to Fullmer’s termination and the future of the Department of Programming.

“I felt that the Programming Board needed a new vision,” said Hall, in reference to Fullmer’s firing. “It was not an easy decision.”

She said that the board will be filled by Oct. 1 and shared that the programming board would be run by Assistant Director of Marketing and Interns Michala Matovina in the meantime. There are currently six programmer positions and one director position open in the Department of Programming. 

She also shared that she met with Greek Life presidents, who said that they would form their own coalition without help from ASUN. 


Senate passes bill recognizing FY20 budget rollover

Senators unanimously passed a bill that recognizes changes to the ASUN 2021 fiscal year budget. The changes come from over $200,000 in rollover funds from the previous fiscal year. 

Senate passes bill to amend the budget for COVID-19 initiatives

Senators voted unanimously to pass a bill that would allocate rollover funds from FY 2020 to COVID-19 related initiatives. 

The ASUN Textbook Fund, which aims to assist students in paying for their textbooks, will receive $25,000. The Emergency Assistance Program will allow for students to receive between $500 and $750 and can be used for support in areas outside of the emergency tuition fund, the book fund and the food insecurity fund. The program will be increased by $57,000 to $100,000 and $82,000 will be taken from reserves to assist the initiatives. 

Senate passes bill in opposition to WCSD’s position on Black Lives Matter

Senators unanimously voted to pass a piece of legislation that opposes the Washoe County School District’s stance on Black Lives Matter. WCSD, during professional training with staff on August 13, warned staff against supporting Black Lives Matter because board policy prohibits political activity for staff while at work. 

The legislation, which stands in opposition to the statement and staff trainings of WCSD, will be sent to WCSD Superintendent Kristen McNeill and the WCSD Board of Trustees.