The West Street Wine Bar features 55 different wines. This sleek joint is perfect for a first date. The decor is clean and concise, with dimmed indirect light bouncing off the walls painted with neutral, muted tones. The high ceilings and brick walls create a very modern vibe. Hip hop music creates ambiance as the bartender waits behind the granite countertop. It is definitely not as wild as your average college town bar, but perfect if you want to unwind after a long week of work and sip on some merlot. If you get hungry, there is a restaurant right next door, a part of the West Street Market. In fact, there is a larger room that spills out from the back of West Street Wine bar and connects to the restaurant and has tables to enjoy your meal.


This place had a fun and electric atmosphere. They have a great selection of wines, as well as craft beers. Colorful, eccentric art along with Christmas lights cover the walls. I was lucky to come on a Saturday, when they featured live music. Local band Motley Blues played an array of killer funk hits. Midtown Wine Bar is perfect if you are looking for a lively place with a lot of people to interact with.


We Olive and Wine Bar is tucked in between Sweets Homemade Candy and Tinderbox on S. Virginia Street. They have an excellent selection of wine with 12 reds, 13 whites, and 5 reserve. This quaint shop has a very rustic atmosphere. Soothing indie music plays as you peruse knick knacks. Aside from wine, they also boast an impressive olive oil collection customers are able to sample. Flavors range from Organic Meyer Lemon to Jalapeno. This is a great place to go for a Sunday brunch with your gal pals.


If you a true, honest-to-God wino, then this is your place. It is perched up away on a hill, secluded from the hustle and bustle of downtown Reno. I know it seems obvious, but as soon as you walk in you will be astounded by the sheer amount of wine inside Whispering Vine. Away from the bar, there are wall-to-wall wine bottles. You can get lost in the labyrinth of shelves as you are hypnotized by the faint acoustic guitar in the background. You might even believe you ended up in Tuscany. For those who are not particularly familiar with wines, many are accompanied by detailed descriptions. If you are a struggling college student but a dedicated wino at heart, there is even a shelf of wine under $15. The fireplace and wooden floors give it a very comforting ambiance. Over in the bar area, you can peruse their selections of wines, including chardonnay, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignons, imported from places like Spain, Italy and Napa. If you are not a wino but come to Whispering Vine anyway (which you definitely should), there is an assortment of signature cocktails, including the Washoe Manhattan or the Oh! Canada! Old Fashioned. Last but not least, there are scrumptious dining options from grilled cheese and tomato soup to pork skewers.