UNR Police Chief discusses campus safety

University of Nevada, Reno Chief of Police, Adam Garcia began the public comment section of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada Senate meeting on Wednesday evening.

Garcia discussed campus safety and then addressed questions from senators. Speaker of the Senate Noah Texieria asked about how much campus police are working on immigration enforcement. Garcia responded by saying campus police does not play any role in immigration enforcement.

“We don’t ask immigration status,” said Garcia. “We’ve developed a policy in which we are not allowed to ask and quite frankly we don’t really care. The enforcement of federal law as it relates to immigration status is not a job that we should be doing, it’s a job that ICE — that’s their job.”


Senate makes changes to the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

The Senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno heard two pieces of legislation regarding the allocation of funds in ASUN accounts during their Wednesday evening meeting. The first piece of legislation was an act to make revisions to the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget.

In his introduction of the bill, Sen. Kyle Feng of the College of Science said the revisions must be made in order to accurately show the revenue and allocation of funds and to be transparent

The bill states that ASUN’s revenue is lower than expected and changes must be made to its accounts to make up for the difference.

The bill made changes to several ASUN accounts. It stated that the “Student fees” line of the Revenues account must be decreased by $115,000, the “Reserves” line of the Budget and Finance Committee account must be decreased by $15,000, and the “Contingency Fund” account must be decreased by over $2,000.

Feng specified in his introduction of the senate bill and in the bill itself that there are unused wages in the ASUN Center for Student Engagement because some positions that are usually filled were not filled this year. The bill would decrease the “Classified Salaries” item of the Center for Student Engagement account by $16,000, would decrease the “Student Wages” item of the account by $9,000, and would decrease the “Professional and Classified Fringe” item for the Center for Student Engagement by $20,000.

The bill also decreased the operating line item and the food pantry line item.

The senate bill to change the allocation of funds around ASUN passed unanimously among the senators.

Senate reallocates funds in the Brushfire account

Senators heard another piece of legislation to reallocate funds, but this time it was for Brushfire, UNR’s literary and arts magazine.

Feng said members of the Brushfire staff approached him and said they had more money than necessary in their “Travel” line item and needed more money in their “Operating and Wages” line item in order to continue paying their staff through the end of the semester.

The bill would allocate money into the publication’s “Operating” account so that they can put on the seven workshops they had planned on holding this semester.

The reallocation of funds was passed unanimously through the senate.